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Australian Motor Show to return in 2015

Posted on 29 August 2014 by Tony Santos

The Australian Motor show has struggled to get enough support from manufacturers and the public to stay viable, and as a result, has been dormant since 2002. However, that is all about to change with a new look Australian Motor Show set to run in conjunction with the Australian Grand Prix. Continue reading “Australian Motor Show to return in 2015” »

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Ferrari F12 TRS unveiled

Posted on 23 June 2014 by Tony Santos

Ferrari F12 TRS

Ferrari has just unveiled its latest one-off model —-the F12 TRS at Ferrari Cavalcade an annual driving tour around Italy exclusive for its clients. It’s inspired by the 1957 250 Testa Rossa which was developed “at a client’s request as an extreme, two-seater, open-top sports barchetta.”  Continue reading “Ferrari F12 TRS unveiled” »

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NOVITEC ROSSO tuned Ferrari F12berlinetta

Posted on 13 August 2013 by Tony Santos


Maranello’s car tuning specialist Novitec Rosso has just refined Ferrari F12berlinetta with overwhelming aerodynamic efficiency, muscle forged wheels and an ultimate power improvements of 774 horsepower enabling the Italian super sports car to top speed of 345 km/h. The comprehensive three-piece aerodynamic tuning enhancements, which includes of a front spoiler lip paired with air ducts and central front blade that will improve downforce in the front when the sport car hits high speed. Apart from its superb carbon detailing, this customized F12 also has two tire/wheels staggered combination that’s limited to this design. It has high-tech forged 21 and 22 -inch wheels for front and back, respectively. We will not hold you for too much of the technical specifics here, the full details of the press release is just after the break –check it out. Continue reading “NOVITEC ROSSO tuned Ferrari F12berlinetta” »

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Wallpaper of the Week: Ferrari Enzo

Posted on 04 February 2013 by Tony Santos


Paving the way for the next generation Ferrari F150, let’s give our salute to the Ferrari Enzo. It’s one great opportunity to feature this legendary car as the wallpaper of the week. The Enzo has been an iconic wheels from the Italian sportscar maker. Feel free to download the wallpaper from Ferrari-Wallpaper after the virtual break. Continue reading “Wallpaper of the Week: Ferrari Enzo” »

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Ferrari F150 details leaked

Posted on 04 February 2013 by Tony Santos


The successor of the legendary Ferrari Enzo has been on the run for quite sometimes now, however, there has been no solid proof that it’s in the works until a private showing event has lead into major details about the codenamed Ferrari F150. Continue reading “Ferrari F150 details leaked” »

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Ferrari 599XX EVO for auction to help Italy’s earthquake victims

Posted on 04 June 2012 by Tony Santos

The Italian-automaker Ferrari is known for their road-beast sportcars, but today the company proves their kind heart for the families of victims of the earthquake that hit the Emilia-Romagna region last May 20, 2012. Ferrari have just revealed that it will be opening an online auction to raise funds for the earthquake victims. Continue reading “Ferrari 599XX EVO for auction to help Italy’s earthquake victims” »

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2012 Ferrai F12berlinetta

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2012 Ferrai F12berlinetta

Posted on 02 May 2012 by phil87


2012 Ferrai F12berlinetta

Ferrari has released the new Ferrari F12berlinetta, the company’s most powerful and high-performance sports car cloaked with the striking new Rosso Berlinetta three-layer color. The superb combination of the powerful and efficient V12 engine with advanced vehicle architecture, aerodynamics, components and electronic controls ensures unparalleled driving experience on whatever road it takes on. Continue reading “2012 Ferrai F12berlinetta” »

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Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

Posted on 23 February 2012 by phil87

Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

Abarth and Ferrari; two world renown sports car makers have joined forces in creating a small but agile luxury sports car by the name of Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari based from the Abarth 500 model. Continue reading “Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari” »

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Top sports cars for 2012

Posted on 13 February 2012 by Tony Santos

With most of the motoring world thinking about fuel economy and all the new eco cars that are coming to the market, it makes a nice change to think about the good, old fashioned values of motoring – speed and performance. Continue reading “Top sports cars for 2012” »

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Top 10 most powerful cars in the world

Posted on 30 January 2012 by Tony Santos

What brings the adrenaline rush inside you? The answer is – Power behind the wheel of my car. There is a different list of favorite cars for everybody, but if we talk about power, there is a generic list (more or less similar), which I am going to present in this post. All of them are renown all over the globe for their horsepower under the hood. Read on to know more. Continue reading “Top 10 most powerful cars in the world” »

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