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How to choose a good torque wrench?

Posted on 17 January 2017 by Tony Santos


As a matter of fact, everyone always aims at doing the best task ever. One that is adorable and significantly impeccable. Well, this does not always happen and for this reason you have to repeat the whole process to correct a small part you did not finalize well. At times, you have to do all the disengagements because the part might be all in the inner parts. All in all, it is a tiresome task that can discourage someone. It might be due to lack of the correct tools or even using the wrong tools for the wrong purposes. It does not matter the knowledge of the car, motor cycle or whatever you are repairing you have but one thing sure is that you must have the tools and not only tools but the right tools. Imagine a situation where you have made the right repair but in the process of joining back the part you happen to tighten a certain part a lot that the whole systems malfunctions or even you loosely tie a nut to an extent that it falls out after a while. This is basically creating another problem by solving the other. The issue of how tight or lose a nut should be does not depend on the knowledge or experience of a person since everyone makes mistakes. A torque wrench is the solution to all these problems. Torque wrench is a tool that is used to measure the appropriate and required torque in a bolt or nut. It is used to set the amount of force that the manufacturer wants. By this one is completely sure of efficiency and high accuracy. Continue reading “How to choose a good torque wrench?” »

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Using Air Tools for Car Repairs

Posted on 03 September 2014 by Tony Santos


As a car owner, there will always be a situation in your life where you will need to repair your vehicle; be it working on the chassis, repairs to the body, or even shaping and repairing parts both inside and out of the car. However, rather than letting this become a burden and making you begrudge the fixing of your beloved motor, there are ways to make the repair process less stressful for you – using Air Tools. Continue reading “Using Air Tools for Car Repairs” »

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