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Knowing that you are about to give yourself a complete change of scenery – by moving home – can feel very exciting. However, whether you are a student temporarily relocating for university, prompted to move because of a new job, or moving for another reason, how exactly will you move?

The vehicle you choose for transporting your items from one place to another will be a crucial part of this equation. Therefore, it pays to be selective by considering the following factors…

How much stuff do you really need transporting?

If you are moving for study purposes, then your student accommodation could be pretty limited in terms of how much it could contain, while leaving various superfluous items at your parents’ house is probably an option anyway. However, what if you will be permanently relocating?

In that instance, you should carefully assess what stuff would be imperative to bring with you and what items can be left out, perhaps because they were rendered redundant a long time ago. Now’s a good time to de-clutter your existing home, says The Spruce, and sell or donate surplus possessions.

Once you’ve done that and determined what definitely needs to join you in the upcoming new phase of your life, list those items and consider their sizes. It would be useful to consider those sizes in cubic feet, as you might find that vehicle rental firms you consider record their vehicles’ sizes in feet.

Finding the right match between vehicle and items

There are many different vehicles from which you can pick for your move. These will vary in their sizes, and you shouldn’t be surprised if a particular rental firm of your consideration lists those sizes on its website. This will make it easier for you to get a rough idea of what type of vehicle you need.

The Don’t Panic… You’re Only Moving website usefully points out that a standard box of furniture spans 3 cubic feet, while a fridge freezer measures 30 cubic feet. Therefore, dozens of fridge freezers could be fitted into a 3.5-ton Luton body van, which has an internal volume of about 600 cubic feet.

If you remain unsure what size of vehicle to choose, go for something larger than you think you might need, property portal Zoopla advises. After all, it would mean fewer trips – and that can be particularly important if you need to be out of your soon-to-be-former home by a certain time.

Should you drive the van itself?

While that can be an option, it would require you to meet criteria like holding the right licence and presenting the van hire firm with a “check code” or “verification code” from the DVLA, allowing that van hire company to see your driving record.

You could see less hassle in hiring a driver to handle the van on your behalf. It isn’t difficult to utilise a service of man and van hire in Leeds, Newcastle and various other UK cities, allowing your move to proceed with less stress for you.

Trials of the Road: 5 Facts Truck Drivers Should Keep in Mind About Fog and Low Visibility Thu, 24 Jan 2019 08:35:31 +0000

Driving in an environment of low visibility and foggy conditions is dangerous to anyone on the road. But when you are in control of a vehicle as heavy as an 18-wheeler semi-truck, they become potentially fatal.

Even for confident and experienced drivers, fog can cause serious problems. In most instances, the safest solution is to pull over and wait for conditions to improve. But in the world of trucking, time is money, and this isn’t always possible.

These are five facts truck drivers should bear in mind when driving in fog and conditions of low visibility to avoid collisions. If you are involved in a truck accident, contact Keller and Keller to find out how they can help you with your case.

High Beams Make It Harder to See

It can be tempting to put your high beams on in fog, but this actually makes visibility worse. The light reflects off moisture droplets in the air, making it more difficult to see the road and obstacles ahead.

Instead, if you don’t have fog lights, use low beams for better visibility and have your tail lights and hazards to give drivers behind you the best possible chance of seeing you.

Moisture on the Windshield will Create Glare

In foggy conditions, any moisture or ice on your windscreen will reflect light back at you as glare, further restricting visibility. To preserve the best possible view, use your windscreen wipers to wipe away moisture, even if it isn’t raining.

Fog Occurs in High Humidity

Because of the weather conditions that yield fog, decreased visibility outside the vehicle will often coincide with decreased visibility on the inside in the form of steamed-up windows and a steamed-up windshield.

To combat this, use your car or trucks interior defrost function. It can be tempting to wipe the windscreen with your hand or sleeve, but this will likely only result in a smeared windscreen, further reducing your visibility.

Yellow Light Increases Visibility

Yellow light is not reflected back at you in foggy conditions. This is why many cars have fog lights, lights which have a yellow hue instead of bright white.

If your car doesn’t have fog lights, you can make your own with yellow cellophane. Keep a roll of yellow cellophane and some tape in your glove box, and in foggy conditions, you can tape it over your headlights and continue driving with full beams on with good results.

The Safest Distance Between You and the Vehicle in Front is 9-12 Seconds in Fog

In foggy conditions, stopping distances are greatly increased because you may not have the luxury of foresight. It is possible you will only discover potential obstacles and hazards when you are a few feet in front of them, causing you to slam on your brakes.

The optimal distance between you and the vehicle in front in dense fog is 9-12 seconds. This should give you ample time to bring your vehicle to a halt, should the vehicle in front be forced to make a sudden stop.


8 Tips for Protecting Your Truck from Environmental Factors Wed, 31 Oct 2018 14:29:20 +0000

Every vehicle requires some form of protection against the harsh environmental condition. If you are wondering how best you can protect your car, here are some pointers on how to efficiently do that.

Wash It

Just the same way you keep your inside clean, it’s imperative to ensure the outside of your car is clean as well. There are numerous dirt particles floating around in the air such as mulch and pollen. If dirt sticks to your car, the heat could cause the dirt to dull your paint. Wash your car regularly to get rid of these small particles and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Do Not Neglect the Paint

Neglecting the paint of your car is often a common error people tend to make. If you protect your car paint properly, there’s a possibility it will be resistant to external elements. This will also mean that you’ll be in a position to save greatly by avoiding expensive repairs with car paints.

Wax Your Car

The rule of thumb is that as long as fresh water drips off your car paint normally, you’ll not need to do any fresh waxing. Nevertheless, if your car has been exposed to external elements for long, then you will be required to wax it. To be on the safe side, you may wax your car during the spring and again before winter.

Windshield Sun Shade Cover

Your car’s dashboard, the steering wheel, and the upholstery are often subjected to extreme heat during hot days. To prevent them from being heated in the sun, you are advised to use a sunshade cover. This device will help you cut the sun rays and reduce the amount of heat entering through your windshield.

Custom Car Covers

Although a cover that generally fits all cars is cheaper, going for a custom car cover offers the snug fit because they are specifically meant for your vehicle’s particular model. These kinds of covers are usually equipped with a locking system at the bottom. That way, it can hold firm and prevent any movements resulting from the wind.

Movements and Vibrations

To protect different parts of your vehicle from colliding during vibrations or movements, it is important that appropriate gadgets are utilized. The rubber bellows provide sufficient protection from these movements. Moreover, their high flexibility makes these gadgets ideal for compensating misalignment. Therefore, to ensure the longevity of your car parts such as the engine, you need to ensure you utilize quality rubber bellows.

Protect Against Rust

As a car owner, you are advised to assess your car for rust more often. The external painted parts of your automobile will show rust when the paint blisters up.  There are three sections to check out for rust: the car’s undercarriage, the trunk and engine, and the external painted part.

Carry Out Periodic Check-up

At the start of every season, make sure you take your car for a check-up. You want to ensure the battery, the belts, the engines, and the AC are in their perfect condition. Also, request the mechanic to check your air filters for dust and debris as these could easily be stuck in the ducts.


With the few, simple tips, it is possible to guard the safety and appearance of your automobile from the environmental factors. Keeping your vehicle protected implies having more fun in the sun!

Why SUVs are so popular Mon, 22 May 2017 15:22:26 +0000

Since the late 1980s, SUVs have once again become widely available. At first, the market for these modern Sports Utility Vehicles was relatively small. It was mainly people who lived in rural communities or those who enjoyed outdoor hobbies that bought these hybrid vehicles. But, over time this has changed. Today, the majority of them are bought by people who have families, and live in towns.

Just how popular are SUVs

Now the chances are when you see a row of cars for sale, nearly 20% of them will be SUVs. They really are that common, and, interestingly this is becoming the case all over the world.

For the first time in decades, the number one non-pickup vehicle in America is expected to be an SUV rather than an American made sedan or compact. Nissan has taken the country by storm, with sales of its Nissan Rogue far outstripping any other non-pick up vehicle in the first quarter of 2017. Add in the fact that they have just released another SUV, the smaller and cheaper Rogue Sport, which is already selling well and it is hard to see any other car manufacturer catching up with them.

It is a pattern that is being repeated in both the Chinese and Indian markets. In both of those countries sales of SUVs have increased at a far faster rate than sales of other types of vehicles have despite the fact these vehicles are relatively expensive in those countries.


So, what is going on? Why are so many people buying them, across the world?

Well, the main reason seems to be space. Aside from a small van, there is nothing else on the market that gives you so much boot and passenger space.

People are getting bigger, so they need a car that can accommodate them. They also carry a lot more gear. With an SUV shopping trips, holidays and hobby days are all far easier to handle than they are if you only own a traditional car, which has limited boot space.

A higher driving position

People also seem to love the fact that you can see so much more of the road when you are driving. They love sitting in what has become known as the ´command´position.

They feel safer

The way they are built also makes them feel safer than a standard car. People report feeling that they are more solid and that they are better protected.

Roads are getting worse

Another reason people give for buying SUVs is the fact that the roads in their area are getting worse. In the UK, and many other countries government cutbacks mean that roads are no longer getting repaired regularly. The net result is more potholes, which means more damage. SUVs cope far better with these road conditions than regular cars can.

Value for money

The fact that the sector is so big means that virtually every car manufacturer makes an SUV. This not only means more choice it also means competition, which leads to lower prices. Simply put people feel that SUVs offer them better value for money than most standard road cars do, and often this is in fact the case.

Tips for Choosing the Right Big Rig Thu, 09 Jun 2016 02:25:16 +0000 Heavy Trucks

Your big rig is your biggest asset. In owner-operator trucking, it’s up to you to choose the rig that’s right for you. The following tips will help ensure you choose a truck that will get you a great return on your investment.

Enlist the right help. Being able to tap into the expertise and knowledge of a good equipment sales rep is invaluable. Unfortunately, such individuals are few and far between. Avoid fast talking salespeople and try to find an experienced rep who is also a former trucker or mechanic.

Be leery of the latest trends. Remember the Kenworth Anteater? It had a drop nose configuration which made it more aerodynamic and diesel efficient. Unfortunately, it also had a smaller radiator resulting in less cooling capacity, making it useless for heavy loads in mountainous terrain. Kenworth fixed the problem but those who bought Anteaters beforehand were stuck.

Stick with what you need. It can be tempting to go for all the bells and whistles, but make sure it’s something you actually need, not just something you want. For instance, you may actually need moose bumpers, depending on where you’re driving, but if you don’t need them, skip them.

Aim for versatility. The more versatile your specs are, the more types of loads you’ll be able to haul. Not only that, but versatility will boost resale value.

Keep these tips in mind and you’re much more likely to choose a truck you’ll be happy with for the long haul.

Truck Drivers, Mind Your Manners Tue, 17 Mar 2015 01:57:45 +0000 truck-drivers

Let’s Start at the Office

Truckers are an important element of the freight industry. They’re the last port of call in the process and before that there were many thousands of support staff who had to do their job in order for truckers to do theirs. From sales staff to mechanics, people assigning trucks and the drivers too, there’s a myriad of jobs to be done for freight processing.

But It’s Personal

Drivers tend to develop reputations. It doesn’t matter how many or few drivers there are at a company, truckers are guaranteed that they are part of tracking statistics. But just as important are individual personalities. After all, people get the final say in whose freight gets distributed to – that is, computers don’t do that. And as we know, people are subjective creatures who handle things from their own points of view; that is when feelings come into consideration.

Drivers Need to Have People Skills

When it comes to driving trucks, how truckers interact with people is crucial. That goes for how truckers treat the dispatcher, the DOT officers, the dock workers and even other drivers out there with them. Don’t forget the logbook auditors, safety directors, mechanics and load planners too. Each of these people gets a say which of the truckers will transport freight and make money or sit at home not earning anything.

Too many drivers out there seriously lack people skills and aren’t really bothered with interactions. Typically, people who drive trucks are incredibly independent, strong willed, and not particularly bothered with what others think of them.

But here’s the thing: truckers need to depend on the office workers to assign good freight, make sure they get all the information they need, and make sure their trucks get repairs when needed. So it doesn’t matter how fantastic a driver you are, the freight won’t magically appear nor will your truck be in good repair without other people.

So get the right people on your side.

Office Workers Vs. Drivers

Most office staff members aren’t like truck drivers at all. In fact, they’re polar opposites. They care what others think of them and they typically stay away from confrontation or offense. So when a trucker is offensive or negative towards an office worker, it can be awful! The office staff will view the truckers as know-it-all loud-mouths.

Of course, that’s probably far from the truth most of the time. Maybe as truckers they prefer to say it like it is and expect the same of others. But speaking their mind doesn’t always get them anywhere when they need to be with others.

Control Your Destiny, Truck Driver!

A big part of a trucker’s future is about getting the right people on his or her side. This is why it’s so important to keep a good attitude and keep treating people with respect and kindness, especially when a trucker is not feeling it or don’t think others deserve it.

When it comes to trucking, sweetness and light can get them really far. If they can get along with pretty much anyone, they’ll go very far in the freight industry. There are plenty of brilliant drivers in the trade that don’t get treated especially well or receive any favours simply because office personnel can’t stand them.

It doesn’t matter how great a driver they seem to be, they have to count on office staff for major support. If they’re not fond of truckers, life is not going to be pleasant. But if they like the truckers, they’re sure to have allies on their side. And they’re going to need them.

2015 Lexus NX 300h at New York Auto Show Tue, 06 May 2014 08:03:43 +0000 2015 Lexus NX 300h

At the New York International Auto Show, Lexus have just shown off its latest flagship line the 2015 Lexus NX. And the car enthusiasts at have just posted a full gallery of the automaker’s hidden NX 300h at the basement of  Jacob K. Javits Center where the event is held. Accordingly, the Lexus’ NX 200t F Sport was in the limelight in the showroom for the event, and spectators might have just forgotten there’s still a 300h downstair.

The Lexus NX 30oh is the hybrid variant and features the vehicle’s standard trim which basically the F Sport-specific seats within the car is omitted. Instead, the interior is upholstered in a classy peanut butter colored leather.

And while the event’s crowd focuses on the 200t F Sport variant, in reality the buying crowd might be grabbing the Lexus NX’s standard trim.

Furthermore, you should be staying here so much —-head on the gallery and let us know how do you feel.

]]> The all-new 2015 Outback debuted at New York Auto Show Tue, 06 May 2014 06:18:09 +0000 2015 Subaru Outback

Subaru America had just unveiled the all-new 2015 Outback from the recently held New York International Auto Show 2014. The world’s first Sport Utility Wagon is in its fifth iteration and made even more compelling in its class with roomiest interior, improved chassis and highest fuel efficiency in the model’s 20-year existence.

The automaker highlights the all-new Outback’s bold new design and improved on-road agility, off-pavement control, ride comfort and safety technology.

Here are the the key features for the new 2015 Subaru Outback:

  • Bolder design for roomiest, most capable Outback ever
  • Fuel economy at the top of AWD crossover class with estimated ratings of 25 mpg city / 33 mpg highway for Outback 2.5i
  • Lineartronic® CVT now standard on all models
  • Revised chassis and new Active Torque Vectoring for greater agility
  • Enhanced Active AWD and new X-Mode for increased capability
  • Quieter, more refined ride and new amenities
  • New available Rear Vehicle Detection System featuring Blind Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • New version of EyeSight® driver assistance system with improved camera performance

The new Subaru Outback will be available this summer in three models: Standard, Premium -both in 175HP 4-cylinder 2.5i model and Limited with top-of-the-line 6-cylinder 3.6R which is capable of 256HP.

There are still no pricing listed in the press release, so keep your eyes peeled on this space for the updates.

Truck Parts: All about Truck Transmission Wed, 16 Apr 2014 13:57:42 +0000 Truck Transmission

The Importance of Truck Transmissions

Having a truck is all about taking cargo from one destination to the other and covering long distances easily by the heavy-duty truck.  However, your truck cannot simply move further if its transmission is out of order. Since a truck transmission enables gears to shift, its inaccuracy can cause a lot of problems. For instance, you cannot move your truck forward or move it to reverse it if truck transmission is not there.

You will find various kinds of transmissions. However, each truck transmission is developed in accordance with the kind of truck, i.e. some are made for small trucks while others are made for heavy-duty trucks.

Types of Truck Transmissions


Manual Transmission

When it comes to using a manual transmission, the truck driver has to operate it manually. The truck consists of a clutch pedal. It is located near the brake pedal. Along with that, the truck also consists of a shifter. This truck part is located on the truck’s floor. When the driver shifts it, he has to press the clutch along with shifting the gear simultaneously.

Automatic Transmission

An automatic truck transmission does not consist of any clutch. Instead, it simply has gas pedals and the brake. Besides the second and third gear, automatic transmissions have gears such as, drive, park, and reverse. The main difference between automatic transmission and manual transmission is that a mechanism is used to operate the shifter and the clutch automatically in the automatic transmission.

Some Considerations While Purchasing Trucks or Truck Transmissions

When it comes to choosing truck transmissions, you have a lot of options. For example, you can even choose to replace your truck transmission. This depends on the purpose of your truck. If you have purchased a truck for hauling and want your truck to function better in low gear, then you can replace its transmission with the one that is specifically made to haul heavy loads.

This article was provided by Gardnerparts the UK leader in truck and bus transmission parts and commercial engine parts.

Heavy Duty Truck Parts Fri, 11 Apr 2014 12:13:06 +0000 Commercial Truck

If you drive a commercial truck, there are high chances that you will need to replace your heavy duty truck parts with new ones. There are a lot of truck parts available in the market. However, what you need to know is that whether a brand is suitable for your truck or not.

There are a lot of considerations before buying the right parts for your heavy duty truck. The main reason behind this is that reliable parts can ensure that you will not need to pay for your truck repairs too often. When you see that your repair and maintenance expenses can be reduced, you will believe the difference yourself. Therefore, heavy duty truck parts play a crucial role in the high performance of trucks.

Kinds of Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Heavy duty truck parts are divided into different categories each made to perform an entirely different function. Some of the spare parts of a heavy duty truck are filters, mirrors, fifth wheels, wiper blades, lighting, cargo restraints, air conditioning and heating parts.

How to Know If You Need To Replace Any Truck Part

You never know when there is a need to replace a truck part. If you have trouble with the air conditioning of your truck, the first thing to do is to show it to a professional technician. However, if he says that it needs to be replaced with a new air conditioning part, then you should choose a reliable one to ensure there is sufficient cooling in the truck. Some of the signs that indicate that air conditioning in the truck has problems are the following:

  • An abnormal sound or vibration in the fans.
  • Low amount of air being provided through the vents.
  • Wet carpeting indicating that the air conditioner drain has been clogged.
  • A musty odor when you turn on the air conditioner.

Buying Used Commercial Spare Parts for Trucks

Your choice of buying truck spare parts depends on a number of factors. For instance, if you have had a truck for a long time and you need a spare part for it, then you may prefer a second hand spare part, especially for commercial use. Looking for such parts is easy. This is because many trucks go to scrap but their parts can still be used.

However, you need to conduct a lot of research in order to get the right spare parts for your truck. While searching for them, you should take your truck details with you, i.e. your truck’s model, make, year, etc. This way, the scrap dealer will be able to help you with your search effectively. To get more ideas about it, you can also search for commercial and used spare parts of your truck in auction sites.

Buying New Truck Spare Parts

If you have purchased a new truck, it will definitely require new spare parts to increase the overall performance. Heavy duty truck parts such as filters, tires, and exhausts are sold by numerous truck spare part manufacturers. When you buy a new spare part for your truck, do not forget to ask the manufacturer for a warrantee.

This article was provided by Omnipart specialist supplier of high quality engine parts for commercial vehicles, and replacement spares.