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There are not many feelings more amazing than riding a motorcycle and feeling truly free while out on the road. However, riding a motorcycle on any road can be extremely dangerous, and far more fatal due to the lack of protection in comparison to a car or a truck. 

Nevertheless, understanding the risks and dangers of the causes of motorcycle accidents can help you stay mindful while you’re riding and help identify and prevent accidents. With this in mind, here are the top 10 common causes to remember.


#1 – Speeding

Perhaps the most common cause of accidents of motorcyclists is caused by speeding. Traveling at high speeds reduces the amount of reaction time you have to combat obstacles and dangers ahead of you.


#2 – Lane Splitting

Lane splitting’ is a type of riding where a motorcyclist will drive between two lanes of traffic, right down the middle. This can cause serious problems, especially in slow-moving traffic where drivers are least expecting it and may try and jump lanes.


#3 – Lane Changes

Whether you’re changing lanes yourself, or the cars around you are changing lanes, one of the most common accidents is people missing, or not properly checking, their mirrors while changing lines on a highway.


#4 – Right of Way Errors

Another common cause of dangerous and fatal motorcycle accidents is where someone is not paying attention at a right of way or the rules of an intersection.


#5 – Poor Road Conditions

If you’re traveling high-speeds on a bike across a road that’s poorly maintained, or there are poor weather conditions, this is a hugely increased risk of causing an accident due to losing of vehicle control.


#6 – DUI

If you’re riding your bike, or another biker is riding theirs, while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or powerful medication, this can be a huge risk to themselves and other drivers on the road.


#7 – Opening Vehicle Doors

This might seem like something out of the sketch, but the risk is very real, and common, when someone opens their vehicle door without checking, creating an obstacle for a motorcyclist.


#8 – Poor Bike Maintenance

If you own a motorcycle, you need to make sure you’re keeping it in perfect/optimal working condition. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing an accident at high-speeds.


#9 – Quick/Instant/Sudden Stops

If you’re riding a motorcycle close to someone’s, rear-end, following another bike, or just in general traffic, a sudden stop can bring you far closer to danger than you would if you were in a car. Keep your distance.


#10 – Inexperienced/Learner Drivers

While this is something outside of your control, it’s so important you’re aware of it. If someone is learning or recently passed (displaying stickers), you need to pay extra attention to them because they might not know how to react to a high-speed motorbike passing them.



As you can see, there are a lot of risks you want to think about and consider when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Be mindful of the risks while you’re riding, and you can actively help to prevent these incidents.

For more advice, or if you’ve found yourself involved in an accident, get in touch with an injury lawyer for help.

Turn your dirt-bike into a true masterpiece with high-quality vinyl graphics kits Thu, 24 May 2018 15:11:09 +0000

Getting a new dirt-bike is a singular experience. It’s the first step into an entirely new world – a world of power, adrenaline, and thrill. True bike lovers say that there’s nothing as exciting as a bike’s maiden ride. However, personalizing your new bike with a set of custom dirtbike graphics will make your bike stand out in a crowd and draw the eyes of everyone present.

Everything You Need in a Single Package

These days, motocross decal kits are becoming ‘a must’ aftermarket purchase for every new bike. The best online MX Graphics shops offer a complete package of graphic decals, to cover every available surface. From the clutch pedal to the front fender and back cowl – they have it all. Many shops also offer the option to customize a premade design by adding your logo or number or to print fully customized kits based on your own idea and design.

They come in many shapes and sizes, custom made to fit each surface area of your bike. Made from high-quality clear vinyl covered with thick laminate, the decals will remain as glossy as new, even after thousands of kilometers.

Easy to Apply and Clean

Besides their beauty, the other awesome thing about this kits is that they are very easy to apply. Remove the adhesive protector halfway and properly position the sticker on the designated surface. Then, using a squeegee or similar bubble-preventing tool, slowly work your way until the entire sticker is smoothly placed. Any residual bubbles can be gently pushed over with a squeegee or just peel the sticker to the bubble point, and gently reapply it.

Moreover, the high-quality decal kits are dirt-resistant and very easy to clean – just use water, soap, and a sponge to remove the dirt, rinse, and your bike is ready for the next adventure!

Beauty at a Budget

Having a truly awesome-looking bike doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune. Nowadays, you can find awesome looking designs digitally printed on high-quality vinyl at affordable prices. Additionally, most of the shops offer a discount on multiple purchases – to give you even more customization possibilities at a lower price.

The designs themselves can vary in color and detail, depending on the model and your wishes. Dirt-bike graphics are available for all models from the most popular bike manufacturers in the world – including Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and KTM. The stickers are specially crafted to flawlessly blend with the color and texture of the bike, and turn it into a true masterpiece.

A Display of Identity

For every true moto-cross biker, the dirt-bike is not just a tool, but an extension of him/herself and their identity. So, personalizing your bike’s looks becomes just as important as a regular change of oil and engine maintenance.

A fully personalized bike is an instant eye-catcher at every event – making its looks just as easily recognizable as its rider. Moreover, you can also customize your accessories such as helmet or neck brace to achieve full effect and build a unique and strong appearance which will leave an impact

Remember to stay safe at all times and ride with flamboyance!

3 Motorcycle maintenance tasks you can do yourself Wed, 08 Mar 2017 11:56:13 +0000

Nobody likes paying excessive mechanic bills for chores they can do themselves. Keeping your motorcycle in good shape requires a number of regular tasks, and quite a few of them can probably done on your own.

That doesn’t mean that a good pro shop like should be left out of the loop. A professional mechanic should still be on hand for the more serious repairs and work your bike eventually needs.


Change the Oil

This is usually the first maintenance task that motorcycle owners learn to do for themselves, since it’s a familiar job that is a lot like changing the oil in a car. You just have to get your bike up on a stand and remove the drain cap for the oil tank. Drain out all the old oil into a pan for proper disposal. Once it’s fully drained out, use a rag to clean up any spills or drips around the drain and replace the cap. Now you just need to refill the tank with the oil best suited for your motorcycle.


Check on the Chain

You can actually do a couple of maintenance chores on your own when it comes to taking care of your bike’s chain. The easiest one is to give the chain a cleaning to keep it running smoothly. Using a grease removal product, or simply WD-40, you can use a stiff brush to scrub away any accumulated grease and debris.

Along with cleaning, you can also adjust the tension if it’s getting a little too loose. Not a chore for the novice but if you are handy around your bike, why not give it a try? Your manual will indicate the proper torque settings, and you just need a torque wrench to do the work. It’s a good idea to have someone sitting on the bike while you do it though. If you’re not sure about tackling this job, there are online videos and tutorials that explain the process.

Once done with the cleaning and possible tightening, don’t forget to re-lubricate your chain for a smooth ride.


Replace the Spark Plugs

While it’s not a frequent job, it’s still one that you can do on your own. Your owner’s manual will let you know how often the plugs should be changed out, based on your mileage. We can’t provide any instructions on how to do this as the location of the plugs varies a lot from one bike to the next. It may be simple, and it may mean you have to take some of the engine apart.  Once you’ve located them, replace them one at a time so there are no mix-ups and don’t over-tighten them. Just enough to be snug.

These are some good places to start as you learn more about doing your own motorcycle maintenance tasks. Though these are perfect for the new bike owner to master, this is by no means a complete list. You can also check on tire pressure, changing the filters, and lubricating cables are a few other areas you can take a look at yourself too.


Image Credit: MCNews