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Google’s ‘Car Purchasing Process UK’ report recently revealed that 70% of British people own their own vehicle and over half of these have purchased a car within the past two years. As a nation of tech lovers and upgraders, we’re always looking for the latest model, whether that means our phones, our clothing, or our vehicles. Many car owners opt to upgrade to a newer vehicle every two or three years to keep up with the latest advances in technology.

According to the same report, over half of all car owners in the UK planned to purchase a new vehicle within the next few years, with 20% planning on buying a new car within the next six months. Of these, almost half said that they planned to purchase a new car, with 37% saying that they would choose a used car. But which factors influence the British car buying process and how is the automotive market changing? Motorparks, who stock a range of used vehicles including the used Ford Focus Automatic, investigate…

How are the purchase decisions made?

According to Google’s Drive to Decide report, one of the main factors in deciding to purchase a new vehicle is a change of lifestyle. The report reveals 28% buy a new car because their financial situation had improved, 12% because they had a new job, 11% because of expanding their family, 7% because they moved into a new home and a further 5% because of health or age reasons.

That doesn’t mean that British car buying habits aren’t influenced by more practical reasons, however. In fact, the report also revealed that decisions have be heavily influenced by new offers, vehicle launches and desires. 41% choose to buy a new car because they ‘need one’, 35% because they just wanted a new vehicle, 24% due to wanting better fuel efficiency, 20% because they notice a good offer or promotion and a further 11% as a result of a brand-new vehicle launch.

It’s common for people to find themselves buying a new vehicle every couple of years. Google’s reports highlight that car owners who bought their new vehicle more than two years ago are the group most likely to purchase a replacement vehicle in the next six months (30%) or between seven and 11 months time, with the most likely factor to influence the decision being typical car warranties running out after three years.

The changing market

The car dealership market in the UK is thriving. From independent dealers, comparison website and private sellers, to franchise and manufacturer dealerships, the car supermarket is populated with a whole host of channels trying to get car buyers to buy their vehicle through them. And the market is evolving. The dealership still appears to be at the heart of British car buying habits, with the average auto buyer visiting the dealership 2.1 times, and having 1.3 test drives before making their purchase.

As the market continues to change, however, buying trends do too. Over a third (36%) of those looking to buy a car online in the coming years would choose an independent site. Manufacturer websites are only just falling behind, with 33% choosing main manufacturers.

The advent of newer, more advanced technology has influenced buying decisions too. Car buyers are increasingly starting their research for their new car on digital platforms – which could be one of the reasons why independent websites have now become more popular than official manufacturer websites. When beginning the car buying process, 51% of buyers now start their research online, with 32% using their smartphones to aid a ‘Which car is the best?’ moment. Digital has transformed the way buyers do their research before purchasing, and in some cases, has completely transformed how they buy a car – with 54% of buyers considering buying online either now or in the future. However, as it stands, the majority of purchasing (96%) still happens in-store.

How do British consumers pay for their cars?

There are a variety of different ways to pay for your car. The majority of vehicles are purchased using personal savings – the Google ‘Car Purchasing Process UK’ report revealed that of those looking to purchase a car in the next few years, 59% said they would use their savings! Part exchange took second place, with 37% saying their part exchange would help fund their new vehicle. For many people, using the capital in their existing vehicle provides a sizable deposit for their next vehicle, deducting an amount from the value of the new vehicle.

Hire Purchase and Contract Purchase agreements were the two most popular ways to finance a new car according to the report. 13% of buyers said they would think about HP and 10% said they would consider PCP. Lease Purchase and Contract Hire only account for 6% of the market each. So, what makes HP and PCP more attractive to car buyers?

There are numerous benefits to paying for your car in stages. Finance agreements often make buying a car more affordable, with fixed monthly payments across an agreed period of time also coming with the option for people to purchase the vehicle at the end of the term by paying the remaining balance on the vehicle. For some car buyers, monthly payments are more achievable and affordable than paying for the vehicle outright with a cash purchase. Whilst analysing the methods of buying a new car, the Google ‘Car Purchasing Process UK’ report reveals further figures that prove the interest in finance options for car purchasing. Owners of new cars purchased in the last two years, as well as those planning to buy new in the coming three years, show strong interest in the use of PCP, PCH and lease purchase. Around a fifth (21%) of those who have bought new in the last two years would use PCP to pay for their next car, while 16% who plan to buy new in the next three years would use PCP.

The EV market

Business is also booming for the electric market in the UK– 2018 was a record year for new car sales, with approximately 132,000 new electric registrations by December. The success across the market could be attributed to some of the latest developments in the industry meaning that some of the initial set backs are becoming less of an issue to drivers – and the news that the government plan to ban the sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. The success of the EV market in the UK can also be attributed to the development of related services; electricity suppliers such as Northern Powergrid have been working on EV charger installation across the country.

Have you thought about upgrading your own vehicle? Which factors influence your car buying habits? This discussion provides a lot of food for thought for both buyers and players in the industry.

The biggest driving distractions and how to avoid them https://www.autogeeze.com/2018/11/the-biggest-driving-distractions-and-how-to-avoid-them/ Mon, 26 Nov 2018 13:35:07 +0000 http://www.autogeeze.com/?p=10492

Road traffic accidents can be caused by a number of factors, however, one of the most common causes of road traffic accidents is distracted driving. In 2016, out of 1445 fatal crashes, 140 of those were caused by distractions while driving, according to government statistics.

Anything that involves taking your eyes and hands off the road is known as a distraction. To make you aware of what can cause an accident, we have listed the biggest offending driving distractions and what to do to avoid them.

Mobile phones

Drivers who use a mobile phone are four times more likely to crash, injure or kill themselves than other people, according to research led by the NHTSA. Talking, texting, answering calls on a mobile phone are all distractions which take your eyes off the road. Avoid an accident by keeping your mobile phone out of sight and on silent so it doesn’t distract you. Use Bluetooth rather than requiring handheld use.

Reaching for objects

Reaching for something from the front or backseat can cause a serious accident, as it involves taking your hand and eyes off the road to retrieve the object. If you do need to reach over to get something, wait until it is safe to pull off the road to get it.

Food and drink

Did you know that eating or drinking while driving could result in a £100 fine and three points applied to your licence? Unwrapping, eating food and drinking while driving are dangerous distractions as they involve taking at least one hand off the wheel. If you need to eat a snack or have a drink, find a safe place to pull over.


Although music can be a large part of the driving experience, the downside is that it can significantly affect the quality of your driving if the volume is too high. Loud music in the car can make you less aware of external sound sources that would usually alert you in a quiet car. Changing radio stations can also distract you from driving. Keep your attention on the road by maintaining a low volume and only adjusting the music before you set off on your journey or when you stop.


Passengers, including children and pets, can be a major distraction for drivers. To reduce the risk of distraction, think about how the children can keep themselves entertained with toys or audio books to avoid them distracting the driver. Pets must be suitably restrained in your car – a pet seatbelt or carrier will keep your pet away from the driver and will help to keep them safer in a car accident.

By limiting the distractions in the car, you can make sure that your attention is on the road and that everyone in the car is safe in the driver’s hands. If you need to do something that’s distracting, find a safe place to pull over first.

Author Bio: Thompsons Solicitors is one of the top law firms in the UK that specialise in personal injury. Our solicitors have extensive experience in running and winning road accident claims for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists who have been injured on the roads.

The evolution of car technology https://www.autogeeze.com/2018/11/the-evolution-of-car-technology/ Thu, 01 Nov 2018 14:06:09 +0000 http://www.autogeeze.com/?p=10488
We’ve come a long way since the Benz Patent Motor Car and the developments made recently have heightened our love for driving — from electric car windows to reverse-camera technology! But, perks such as these haven’t always been a given. Exactly who invented the first-ever automobile may be up for debate — many believe it was Karl Benz — but what can’t be argued is that it certainly didn’t resemble the hi-tech vehicle we use today.

Created in 1885, the Benz patent Motor Car was powered by just one single cylinder four-stroke engine — revolutionary for its time. Fast forward 133 years and your typical petrol-fueled economy car has either three, four or six cylinders.

Here, we look at car developments throughout time and how technology has changed the car industry. After all, as technology keeps advancing, so too will the car we drive.

The upgraded car radio

You can’t deny that as soon as you enter the car door, you stick your heaters on and tune into your favourite radio station. While this is second nature to us these days, it was first introduced to our vehicles in 1930.

Pioneered by Paul and Joseph Galvin and William Lear, this allowed motorists to have access to the AM radio. Compact cassettes arrived on the scene in the 1960s, before car stereos started to rival home versions for their sound quality in the 80s. Nowadays, a lot of drivers connect their own music systems – often their mobile phones – to listen to their favourite tunes, and if we don’t, many car radio systems are now touchscreen.

The essential anti-lock brakes

Anti-lock braking systems haven’t always been a required safety feature of a car. ABS’s development has been a long process since first being a concept in the 1920s. Until the 1950s, the system was primarily used on aircrafts, but by the 60s, car manufacturers began to experiment with the technology. It wasn’t until the 90s that ABS and related systems became commonplace.

The lifesaving parking sensors

Parking sensors are still relatively new to most cars as not every vehicle has them. However, they first burst onto the scene in the 70s and were originally supposed to be guidance devices for the blind.

Simply put, these parking sensors are positioned on the vehicles bumpers and can detect any obstacles using ultrasonic technology. This device become widely used in the early 2000s and is now the most common and basic parking system available.

The love of camera technology

You can’t deny that cameras are now a main selling point for cars. Whether it’s a dash-cam to record everything that is happening around you – where there’s blame there’s a claim, right? – or reverse cameras to help you park, these are really becoming a staple addition to any new car.

But opposed to what most drivers think, they’ve been around for a while. In 1956, Buick’s Centurion concept car included the technology. However, again like parking sensors, this helpful tool wasn’t used mainstream until the turn of the millennium.

The importance of on-board diagnostics

At one time, your car could break down and you wouldn’t know why — but not now. Since 1994, on-board diagnostics have been able to indicate to us that there is a problem before it’s too late. We may not know what the symbols always mean, but by detecting a fault or an issue, we are able to seek the help to fix the problem before it causes further issues.  

The rise of electric cars

Electric vehicles are only becoming popular, but were introduced over a century ago. By 2030, the UK’s government has proposed that three-fifths of cars sold should be electric.  Whether this target is met remains to be seen, but with dealerships ready to introduce the new electric version of the popular Corsa to their fleet next year, it’s clear that many manufacturers realise the importance of the electric car’s future.  

You can’t deny that there have been many changes over the years that have changed the way we get around. With plans in place to have fully autonomous cars rolled out as soon as 2021, it’s clear that technology will never cease to change the car industry — find out more from expert Vauxhall dealers today. The invention would mean that in less than 150 years, we would have gone from our first car to our maiden autonomous car. Now that is fast!




5 Christmas present ideas for motoring enthusiasts https://www.autogeeze.com/2018/10/5-christmas-present-ideas-for-motoring-enthusiasts/ Mon, 29 Oct 2018 14:34:22 +0000 http://www.autogeeze.com/?p=10476 Christmas is almost upon us again, with some of us likely to have already started getting their presents bought. Not sure what to buy someone in your life who’s a motoring enthusiast though? Other than splashing out and purchasing them a brand-new car, VW service provider Vindis has listed five fantastic gift ideas that they are sure to appreciate…

Parking sensors

Technology comes fitted in many brand-new cars as standard now that works to take the stress entirely out of parking. However, drivers who don’t have these features on their vehicles needn’t worry about missing out any longer.

Let us introduce you to the EchoMaster Rear Parking Display System. Made up of four matt black sensors, which blend in perfectly with the majority of black bumpers but can be fully painted too, the system also includes a colour display and buzzers so that those behind the wheel have a better understanding about how close they are to objects when carrying out a parking manoeuvre.

Once a recipient of this present knows how to use this system, they’ll no longer have to worry about embarrassing moments when they’re in a car park of suffering ugly scuff on their vehicle’s paintwork.

A dashcam

Also known as dashboard cameras, dash cams really should be an essential part of all cars on the road today. This is because they can produce high-quality video footage while a motorist is getting from A to B, which could then be used to prove exactly what happened in the event of a road incident and protect someone from false insurance claims.

Give a driver a dash cam for Christmas and they could also discover that they are saving money in the long-run. This is due to some insurance companies now offering substantial savings on car insurance premiums for drivers who state they have dash cams fitted in their vehicle.

The dash cam that you purchase should come with high enough image quality mind. Some devices on the market record such poor footage that the shots are unable to be used when making a case that a driver isn’t to blame after a road incident. You’ll also want the dash cam to provide GPS location tracking, as this element will enable motorists to pinpoint exactly where they were at the time a road incident took place. G-force sensors which save moments of high G-force automatically are also recommended, as well as a parking mode that sees the gadget begin to record footage without a human prompt if it senses a collision or impact while a vehicle is parked up.

A National Trust membership

As well as loving to be behind the wheel, are you buying a Christmas present for someone who enjoys seeing as much of the country as possible? Then they are bound to appreciate a National Trust membership.

A National Trust member is presented with free entry to more than 500 special locations which can be found throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The options also include heritage sites in Scotland which are looked after by the National Trust for Scotland, while the membership can even be used further afield than the British Isles. This is because the card grants access to awe-inspiring locations in destinations like Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Canada, Italy, Malta, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe.

Due to it being a motoring enthusiast that you’re buying for, also take note that a National Trust membership grants free parking to the majority of National Trust car parks.

Forza Horizon 4

Looking for a Christmas present for someone who has dreams to be the next Lewis Hamilton? If they own an Xbox One games console, satisfy their desires by buying them Forza Horizon 4.

This is Playground Games’ most recent open-world racing game. Load it up and players will be able to compete in a huge number of single-player and multiplayer races whilst collecting 450 cars from 100 licensed manufacturers. For Brits though, arguably the most appealing aspect of the game is that it’s all set in the United Kingdom — drivers could very well have many moments of thinking “I know this spot” as they race past Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, through various villages and towns which make up the Cotswolds, across the Scottish capital Edinburgh, and so many more recognisable locations.

“Open-world racing has never looked as good as it does in Forza Horizon 4”, according to IGN, while USGamer states that the title “is one of a handful of showcase games that truly ought to sell you on an Xbox One X and a 4K TV”. Therefore, you know you’re buying someone a high-quality game that they’ll enjoy for hours too.

A Track day experience

If you want to get a motoring enthusiast away from the TV screen with the present you buy them, consider giving them the gift of an exciting track day experience.

You have so many experiences to choose between throughout the UK. Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey has both track and off-road experiences available, for instance, which take place on the iconic Brooklands motor racing circuit and a 10-acre terrain respectively. Meanwhile, the Platinum Supercar Thrill gives motorists the chance to get behind the wheel of some of the world’s most exotic supercars and put pedal to the metal for two laps of the famous Goodwood Racing Circuit.

Then there’s the Paul Swift Ultimate Stunt Driving Experience for true daredevils. Held at the home of British F1, Silverstone, this experience sees seven-time British Motorsport champion and Top Gear’s stunt driver, Paul Swift, teaching drivers all about stunt driving. Your friend or loved one will be completing 360-degree handbrake turns, J-turns and so many more pulse-pounding manoeuvres before they know it.


The 10 MILLIONTH Ford Mustang https://www.autogeeze.com/2018/08/the-10-millionth-ford-mustang/ Fri, 10 Aug 2018 03:33:59 +0000 http://www.autogeeze.com/?p=10434 Ford celebrated its production of the 10 millionth Mustang at its headquarters and at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant where the iconic sports car were assembled. From Dearborn headquarters, a parade of Mustangs from 1964 to present took off for a 30-min police-escorted drive to Flat Rock complex. At the parking lot, these 62 iconic cars were parked to spell out ‘10,000,000’, notably part of the symbolic numbers were the first Mustang ever produced and the 2019 Wimbledon White GT V8 six-speed manual convertible who placed itself in history as the 10 millionth Mustang.

In the US, Mustang is the bestselling sports car of the last 50 years and the world’s top-selling for the past three years. According to Ford CEO Jim Hackett, ‘Today, when we say the word, ‘Mustang,’ isn’t it amazing that you don’t think of the horse? You think of the vehicle, it’s changed the perception because of its popularity.’

During its 54-year production history, the Mustang was built in San Jose, California, and Metuchen, New Jersey, as well as at the original Mustang production facility in Dearborn. These days, Flat Rock is the home of the Mustang.


What to do if You’re in a Rollover Accident https://www.autogeeze.com/2018/07/what-to-do-if-youre-in-a-rollover-accident/ Mon, 23 Jul 2018 14:37:25 +0000 http://www.autogeeze.com/?p=10427

Rollover car accidents are one of the scariest types of accidents. These are the accidents we all slow down to look at when we’re driving by, as they often look very bad. But however bad they look, they are even worse when you’re apart of them. Going through a car rollover is a scary experience, and there is a lot you’re going to need to deal with afterwards. To help you out, here is everything you need to know about going through this process.

During the Accident

For starters, we should talk about what to do when going through the roll. Often you can tell when your car is about to tip and rollover, and you’ll have a split second to make some decisions. The first thing you should do is pick up your feet off of the pedals, as this will help to reduce the chances of breaking an ankle. Next, remove your hands from the steering wheel, and cross your arms across your chest. Press yourself as best you can against the back of your seat and resist the urge to lean forward. Doing all of this will make it less likely that you’ll break an arm or receive brain damage.

Immediately After the Roll

Once you’re sure the car is done rolling, you can begin to assess the situation. First, take a deep breath, and start examining yourself for injuries. You may feel pain if something is broken or cut, but this is not always the case. Take a moment to run your hands over your body, looking for signs of injury.

After you’ve examined yourself, take a few more deep breathes to calm yourself down. If there are other people in the car with you, see if they are injured. Should they be injured, do not move them, and wait for help to arrive. During this time you should also shut off the engine by turning the key, especially if your car is upside down.

Now you need to plan your exit strategy. If the car is completely upside down, you’ll want to brace yourself against the ceiling with one of your hands while you undo your seatbelt. Be very cautious here, as this is where the majority of post-roll injuries occurs. Once you’re free from your seat, you can start looking for a way out. In some cases the car is still structurally sound, and you can simply open up the door. In other cases, you may need to roll down a window. If neither of these is an option, you’ll have to break some glass. Use caution when doing this, and make sure you’ve removed all broken glass from the window before you attempt to crawl out.

Once you’ve gotten out, you can begin helping out others in the car, provided they are not injured. With everyone out, get a safe distance away from the vehicle and call for help.

Dealing with Other Drivers

In some cases, a car rolling over involves another driver. When you’re out of the car, see if any other vehicles were involved with the crash. You may need to assist the other drivers and help them get out of their cars. Once everyone is safe, you can begin the standard car accident procedures. This includes sharing your name, address, insurance information, and car information. You’ll want to take pictures of the accident, along with anything that might have caused it.

The Aftermath

Unfortunately, getting out of your car and to safety is just the beginning of this process. There’s a lot of things you need to do after the accident in order to get your life back in order. You’ll need to have your car towed, and work with your insurance company to pay for the damages, or help afford a new car.

You may also have injuries from the accident, and you’ll need time to heal from these. In some cases, if you’re the victim of a rollover accident, you may need to work with a lawyer in order to receive money from other parties.

Preventing Future Rollovers

Finally, the last thing you want to do is learn how to keep this from happening again. Rollovers often occur when a driver is driving too fast, particularly around a corner. They are also likely to occur on rural roads with high speed limits, so you’ll want to be extra careful on these. The best thing you can do is examine what caused this rollover, learn from your mistakes, and keep these lessons in mind whenever you drive, so that you can avoid going through this ordeal again.

[Infographic]Where next for car technology? https://www.autogeeze.com/2018/05/infographicwhere-next-for-car-technology/ Tue, 29 May 2018 12:06:41 +0000 http://www.autogeeze.com/?p=10412 Thanks to technology, the average car is morphing into your own personal command center. Computing and web technology allows cars to interact with each other and provide updates on road conditions in real time. Holographic windscreens display key data and directions right at eye level, rather than on below-sight gauges. Keychains are becoming mini computers, able to start cars, change interior temperatures and monitor systems. And collision avoidance systems are providing an additional safety layer, detecting crashes before they happen.

Of course, the most anticipated technology that auto manufacturers are developing is driverless cars. Autopilot technology is available in several vehicles, allowing passengers to travel hands free for several miles. But car manufactures predict that fully autonomous vehicles will take over most of the driving within the next five years.

Already, fully autonomous vehicles are being tested across the U.S. Researchers are putting these roving super computers through their paces on city streets, refining systems so they handle the both the mundane and the unanticipated scenarios that occur when driving congested roadways.

Once this happens, passengers will no longer be required to face forward. That means car interiors can be reimagined into living areas and work spaces. Seats can swivel. Screens can project movies or office spreadsheets. You can choose whether time traveling becomes time spent productively or leisurely.

The following infographic by Dryve outlines some of the car technology being developed and implemented into vehicles. Get a sense of where this industry-redefining technology stands today – and where it’s going in the future.

Top 5 Types of Jeep Bumpers https://www.autogeeze.com/2017/11/top-5-types-of-jeep-bumpers/ Fri, 24 Nov 2017 10:23:58 +0000 http://www.autogeeze.com/?p=10378 There are several options available for Jeep bumpers in the market as per their models and use. They come in designs that increase the overall utility of the vehicles as well as improve their appearance. The five most common jeep bumpers include:

Full-Width Bumpers

With a one-piece, steel plate design, full-width bumpers are welded on your jeep. They do not only protect the front of your vehicle but also cover most parts of the body including the tires and fenders. They are highly recommended for driving on forested terrains as they clear the vegetation on their way. They also help in towing a stuck vehicle and come with either D-ring mount or winch mounts.

Tubular Bumpers

Tubular bumpers have the conventional bumper designs with two tubes running across the front of your jeep and a long tube looped around the center. Their primary function is to provide protection during the drive. However, these bumpers are not suitable for towing purposes, as they can be ripped off easily. Many manufacturing companies are working on making tubular bumpers more practical by installing features of off-road recovery bumpers on them such as mounting a shackle on top of the bumper.

Off-Road Recovery Bumpers

Off road recovery bumpers are the typical jeep bumpers serving as a means to pull out a vehicle out of the rut. They are mounted firmly to ensure strength during the process of towing, so they do not rip off while being pulled. Also, they come with the shackles attached, therefore, saving you time and hassle of installation while being stuck in a rut. Additionally, they have a light attached, which comes handy during the night rides too. The off-road recovery bumpers come in a variety of designs including stinger bumpers and stubby bumpers. Choose among various jeep bumper packages to find the one that suits your needs.

Stubby Bumpers

Stubby bumpers are shorter than the average jeep jumpers. They are shaped like this because they spread as wide as the grille’s length. They provide an extra layer of protection owing to its shape and structure. Also, with stubby bumpers the tire installation is easier. However, the big tires are more prone to find obstacles in off road situations due to their size and alignment. For this reason, they are more suited for terrains and highways where the tires can run unobstructed.

Stinger Bumpers

Shaped like a boomerang, this triangular tube extension at a 45-degree angle forming a hoop at the middle of the jeep is called the stinger bumper. Sometimes, it comes with a circle that extends higher than the level of the Jeep’s hood. This bumper is perfect for off-roading purposes. In case, the Jeep rolls into an obstacle, this bumper keeps the vehicle from toppling over. It is also used as a ramp that helps the vehicle to move over and above the obstacles that tires cannot overcome. It also acts as a grill and protects the jeep.

Save time & money with Motorparks’ essential pre-MOT checklist https://www.autogeeze.com/2017/02/save-time-money-with-motorparks-essential-pre-mot-checklist/ Thu, 23 Feb 2017 21:13:21 +0000 http://www.autogeeze.com/?p=10316 MOTs could soon be facing a major shakeup across the UK, after recently announced proposals by the government detailed that the period of time that new cars will be allowed on British roads before requiring a MOT could rise from three to four years.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones pointed out: “We have some of the safest roads in the world and MOT tests play an important role in ensuring the standard of vehicles on our roads.

“New vehicles are much safer than they were 50 years ago and so it is only right we bring the MOT test up-to-date to help save motorists money where we can.”

For drivers who are facing the prospect of putting their car through a MOT in the weeks or months to come, new and used car dealership Motorparks aims to help keep the costs of the test down with its essential pre-MOT checklist.

As well as setting out the main reasons why a car fails its MOT, the visual guide also provides tips on how to check the following components of your vehicle:

  • Bodywork
  • Brakes
  • Doors
  • Essential fluids (including brake fluid, screen wash and oil)
  • Exhaust system
  • Fuel system
  • Horn
  • Lights (both front and rear lights, as well as hazard lights and indicators)
  • Mirrors (both side and rear-view mirrors)
  • Registration plate
  • Suspension system
  • Tyres (both the tyre pressure and tyre tread of all tyres being used as well as the spare wheel)
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Windscreens (including washer jets and wipers)

Discover the checklist now and improve your chances of your car passing its MOT at the first time of asking – and with flying colours…

Futuristic BMW Motorrad and the VISION NEXT 100 Vehicles https://www.autogeeze.com/2016/10/futuristic-bmw-motorrad-and-the-vision-next-100-vehicles/ Mon, 17 Oct 2016 06:14:23 +0000 http://www.autogeeze.com/?p=10264

To commemorate BMW’s centennial year, the company has just introduced a number of concept vehicles to envision the  future of smart transportation. The smart concept motorcycle called Motorrad Vision Next 100 is undoubtedly the star of the event. Its streamlined-futuristic and truly smart design concept will enable its riders of any skill level to ride safely without any protective gears according to the automaker.

It’s equipped with self-balancing system that keeps the bike in upright position even in still or in motion. There’s no built-in control panel on the motorbike, but instead an integrated visor that would act as the rider’s smart display.

“Information is exchanged between rider and bike largely via the smart visor,” BMW said in a statement. “This spans the rider’s entire field of view and provides not only wind protection but also relevant information, which it projects straight into the line of sight as and when it is needed.”

The control panel information would not be needed all the times according to BMW, the Motorrad and other Vision Next 100 vehicles would be equipped with advance self-driving technology.

BMW believes also that the future of transportation is electric, thus. making the Vision Next 100 vehicles as “zero emissions” vehicles.


The other concept vehicles that have been unveiled includes a 20-feet long and steering wheel-less Rolls-Royce that is autonomously driven by an AI named Eleanor. There’s also a partly-transparent Mini concept that’s designed mainly for car-sharing purposes. This Mini is also autonomous and can be called anytime via an app, somehow would work possibly like a futuristic Uber.