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Volkswagen’s take on an alternatively fuelled future was unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, in the form of the Volkswagen ID concept.

“In 2020, we will begin to introduce an entire family of electric vehicles on the market,” Dr Herbert Diess, the Chairman of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand, stated when introducing the vehicle. “All of them will be based on a new vehicle architecture which was specially and exclusively developed for all-electric vehicles. Not for combustion engine or plug-in hybrid vehicles.”

The Volkswagen ID is the first compact car to be created by the well-known German manufacturer that will be based on the MEB Modular Electric Drive Kit, the vehicle features a 125kW/170PS electric motor made up of lithium-ion batteries that is capable of achieving a 360-mile range on just the one charge.

Ulrich Eichhorn, the Research Director at Volkswagen, pointed out: “The major work will be in the batteries. This will be at the far-end of lithium-ion technology, not just a development of what we’ve got already and we are already working on it in research and advanced engineering.”

While the Volkswagen ID concept’s drivetrain is particularly impressive, it is likely to be the exterior that instantly attention. This is because the car has been designed with a front end that is entirely blanked off and comes complete with digital headlamps which are wrapped in LED daytime running lights.

The remarkable features of the Volkswagen ID concept continue when you step inside the car, due to the aesthetically pleasing cabin featuring a LED dashboard, a steering wheel that retracts when autonomous driving mode is activated and mirrors making way for rear cameras.

As the Volkswagen ID concept isn’t set to be with us for another four years, motorists are encouraged to get to grips with Volkswagen’s electric car expertise by getting behind the wheel of either the practical and refined VW e-Golf or the VW e-up! – a vehicle that is packed with handy Driver Assistance technology.

Lamborghini Racer: The Future of Autonomous Racing Wed, 19 Oct 2016 07:26:37 +0000 scena-lambo-1121

If the BMW’s Vision Next 100 futuristic vehicles have already blown you away for the future of smart transportation. Designer Matteo Gentile’s vision of an autonomous Lamborghini racer could be the most beautiful and sexiest concept we’ve seen so far. 

Image Gallery


scena-lambo-1092hhh scena-lambo-2-78fff scena-lambo-hhh2-80ddd scena-lambo-82 scena-lambo-86yy scena-lambo-86 scena-lambo-85 scena-lambo-2-80ddjjjd scena-lambo-2-80ddd

Matteo’s background as a designer came from his professional works from automaker likes Bugatti and Seat.

The inspiration came from Roborace autonomous car in future Formula E race and he adopted the current Lambo-ish design into his own take of Lamborghini racer. At the moment, we just need to consume these unofficial design renders for our visual pleasure.

Dear Lambo, hire this fellow Italian and make this racer a reality. Finger-crossed tight.

Image Credit from Matteo’s blog.


Futuristic BMW Motorrad and the VISION NEXT 100 Vehicles Mon, 17 Oct 2016 06:14:23 +0000

To commemorate BMW’s centennial year, the company has just introduced a number of concept vehicles to envision the  future of smart transportation. The smart concept motorcycle called Motorrad Vision Next 100 is undoubtedly the star of the event. Its streamlined-futuristic and truly smart design concept will enable its riders of any skill level to ride safely without any protective gears according to the automaker.

It’s equipped with self-balancing system that keeps the bike in upright position even in still or in motion. There’s no built-in control panel on the motorbike, but instead an integrated visor that would act as the rider’s smart display.

“Information is exchanged between rider and bike largely via the smart visor,” BMW said in a statement. “This spans the rider’s entire field of view and provides not only wind protection but also relevant information, which it projects straight into the line of sight as and when it is needed.”

The control panel information would not be needed all the times according to BMW, the Motorrad and other Vision Next 100 vehicles would be equipped with advance self-driving technology.

BMW believes also that the future of transportation is electric, thus. making the Vision Next 100 vehicles as “zero emissions” vehicles.


The other concept vehicles that have been unveiled includes a 20-feet long and steering wheel-less Rolls-Royce that is autonomously driven by an AI named Eleanor. There’s also a partly-transparent Mini concept that’s designed mainly for car-sharing purposes. This Mini is also autonomous and can be called anytime via an app, somehow would work possibly like a futuristic Uber.

Australian Motor Show to return in 2015 Fri, 29 Aug 2014 15:01:41 +0000 The Australian Motor show has struggled to get enough support from manufacturers and the public to stay viable, and as a result, has been dormant since 2002. However, that is all about to change with a new look Australian Motor Show set to run in conjunction with the Australian Grand Prix.

The show will be held from 26 to 29 March 2015 at the Melbourne Showgrounds, a stone’s throw away from the Albert Park street circuit. The show will combine traditional display exhibits with multiple opportunities for show-goers to enjoy more interactive displays.

To whet your appetite for the 2015 Australian Motor Show, take a look at three of the best automotive concepts of 2014 so far. Alternatively, you could sit back and relax with your favourite casino game at Euro Palace online casino , and wait patiently for March 26, 2015.


1. Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo Concept

The 585 horsepower AMG beauty from the brain trust of Mercedes-Benz has been created specifically for the Gran Turismo 6 racing game that was released towards the end of last year. The concept features an aggressive styling choice that harks back to the 1952 300 SL race car. The V8 AMG powerhouse would give the Vision Gran Turismo Concept a top speed of 200mph, and a 0-60 time of just 3 seconds.

As beautiful as the front and side of the car is, the back is simply majestic. The eight exhaust-end pipes and single brake light that extends from one end horizontally to the next give it a strikingly beautiful appearance.


2. Toyota F1-1 Concept

The designers over at Toyota seem to have gotten the sports coupe bug following the recent success of the GT86 and this simply amazing F1-1 concept. The concept debuted at the Detroit motor show and has had many an auto enthusiasts pleading with Toyota to make a production version of the car.

Toyota have followed suit, with many other carmakers making a version of the F1-1 available to download for a limited time only inside the Grand Tourismo 6 racing game. Once purchased, players can also choose to add a racing iteration of the concept referred to as the F1-1 Vision Gran Tourismo.

One of the cars most interesting features is a fighter plane-like heads-up display for the driver. In addition, the carbon fibre steering wheel also has a display insert with even more information for the driver.


3. Ferrari F80 concept

With the LaFerrari being debuted over 8 months ago, the automotive community was hungry for a new Ferarri concept. Well, chief designer Adriano Raeli and Ferrari did not disappoint with the unveiling of their beautiful F80 Supercar concept. The F80 looks like it has come from the future with the styled air intakes taken unimaginable further than ever before.

If the insane styling doesn’t impress, the proposed performance statistics will. The F80 will feature a staggering 1,200 horsepower powerhouse that will propel the car to its 310mph top speed. With a weight of a little over 1,700 pounds, the F80 will reach from 0 to 62mph in just 2.2 seconds.

The F80 will ditch the traditional naturally aspirated V12 engine for hybrid drivetrain. The Hybrid drivetrain will feature a 900 horsepower twin-turbo V8 with a 300 horsepower KERS system.

Google’s self-driving car Wed, 04 Jun 2014 16:05:21 +0000 Google Driverless Car

Too lazy to drive to the store, but need to stock up on snacks? Now you can Google it!

As reported by last week, Google have taken a giant leap in their bid to manufacture and market self-driving cars. Powered by electric motors and limited to a glacial 25mph (40km/h), the future certainly leaps closer.

The next generation of self-driving prototypes will navigate using GPS technology, and will be guided via sensors and cameras. With a vision of the road ahead reaching as far as 220 metres, the new Google cars should be able to detect any problems before they arise.

Just as well as passengers will have no physical control of the vehicle, with no pedals, gearboxes or steering wheels to navigate manually. Instead, passengers will simply select where they would like to go and push a button to begin.

The current prototype is a giant leap ahead from the previous trials using already existing vehicles, like the Toyota Prius and Lexus RX. Although Google’s own rendition appears rather less comfortable and practical at these early stages.

For example; only two passengers may use the vehicle at one time. Whilst inside the vehicle, Google’s CEO Sergey Brin claims the car is minimalist, with a priority for learning over luxury. In other words, don’t expect creature comforts, such as Bluetooth, iPod integration, heated seats and climate control. It does however have a roll cage, which is somewhat reassuring.

No worries though, as this exact vehicle will most likely never reach a showroom, due to legislative difficulties and obvious perfecting of the technology. Once it arrives though, this could spell disaster for delivery and taxi drivers, as the need for human control is no longer required.

One hundred prototypes have already been manufactured by a mysterious manufacturer based in Detroit, Michigan, and will partake in a US-based trial period in the coming years.

]]> Sponsored Video: The Ford S-Max Concept – the best engine in the world? Mon, 16 Sep 2013 11:43:00 +0000 ford_s-max_concept_front

At the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Ford S-Max Concept vehicle has been revealed, giving a number of clues to what the production version of the MPV will be looking like. The concept is slated to replace the current Ford S-Max that is celebrating its seventh year in Ford’s lineup.

Going against the recently unveiled Ford concepts that used variations of the Iosis or Evos naming convention, the Ford S-Max Concept uses a production car tag, which as industry experts say, suggests that the design is near to a final version. However, despite this the unveiled concept was still constructed from composites and individually scanned prototype components.

According to Martin Smith, Ford’s design director, the S-Max has always been designed to be a “white space” car, which occupies a rather new market sector that was previously unidentified. He says, “We invented the sporty MPV, and it brought new customers to Ford – the sort of people who won’t drive a Galaxy or an estate car.”

Indeed, when asked, customers have described the current S-Max as sporting and dynamic, having a ‘dart-like’ profile. That, Martin says, has been the goal of Ford, to build more of that into the next iteration of the S-Max.

Martin further adds, “We want to tell the world we’ve understood the market. It retains the distinctive shape of the rear window glass, but it has the new face of Ford and more pronounced rear shoulders.”

Powered by a 1.5L, four cylinder EcoBoost engine, the new S-Max is part of a new family of cars that were developed from the 1.0L triple. In its already lengthy existence in the market, it has already captured the attention of buyers with rather deep pockets, with up to 70% of existing owners opting for the more expensive trim of the S-Max. And German’s seemed to agree with this trend.

Now, with the new variant, these same buyers are sure to not be disappointed. The Ford S-Max Concept takes design inspiration from themes at the latest Milan Furniture Fair, which uses warm, dark, brown colors, metal finishes and expensive silk carpeting in achieving its new design exploit of modern luxury theme.

Inside, the versatile interior of the S-Max Concept offers anything from four to seven-seat configurations and places the focus firmly on the driver. The high-set instrument panel, door panels and innovative interior roof design maximise its spaciousness.

Other features of the S-Mac Concept focuses on safety and convenience technologies. A number of such additions include: Intelligent Protection System with Pre-Collision Assist, which identifies pedestrians and automatically applies the brakes if a collision is imminent and Dual-View Display, which allows the driver to receive important information while at the same time other passengers are enjoying a movie on the center console.

This post is sponsored by Ford.

Top Ten Cars of Detroit Auto Show 2013 Tue, 29 Jan 2013 04:22:48 +0000 2014-Audi-RS7

The 2013 Detroit Auto Show was definitely a very interesting one with its array of fascinating debuts and launches. But what car could have steal the highlights and the Agent’s favourite of the event?

There might be several futuristic concept cars that might have stole the limelight of the show, where we’re sure that the Hyundai HCD-14 and Nissan Resonance Concept are also on top of your list. However, the show didn’t impress that much on the said category, but instead made something on the production line vehicles, and here are several cars that gain positive reactions at Detroit.

Detroid Auto Show 2013 Top Ten Cars

1. 2014 Audi RS7
2. 2014 Chevrolet Corvette “Stingray”
3. BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept
4. 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
5. 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class
6. Volkswagen Cross Blue Concept
7. Hyundai HCD-14 Concept
8. 2014 Lexus IS
9. Nissan Resonance Concept
10. Ford Atlas Concept

Toyota reveals the Next-Gen Corolla with Furia Concept Thu, 24 Jan 2013 04:52:34 +0000 Furia_Concept-03-edited

Toyota have just gone loud with its orange-colored Furia Concept of the next generation Corolla at the Detroit Auto Show 2013.

Could it be a head-turner for some, but the design will surely entails some of the existing design which is elaborately a remake of the new Dodge Dart with a Honda Civic-like front end. Still the design, looks Toyota-ish, and knowing that the Corolla line is one of the company’s bestseller you’ll surely plenty of these Furias on the road in the coming days. But still we might see some changes, prior to its mass production.

Now what you think about the new Furia Concept?

Press Release

TORRANCE, Calif. – Toyota revealed the Corolla Furia Concept at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This exciting compact sedan concept hints at the styling cues consumers can expect to see on the next-generation Corolla.  The concept represents an exterior styling study by Toyota designers, and it builds on the brand’s product development priority to develop more dramatic, expressively designed vehicles.

“The Corolla Furia Concept is an early indicator of where our compact car design may lead in the future,” said Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager of the Toyota Division. “It blends a heightened emphasis on dramatic design and modern elements of high technology to generate curb appeal that will surprise a lot of people.”

The Furia is designed around a theme of “Iconic Dynamism,” which uses pure and simple surface elements to create a confident, decisive and recognizable appearance appealing to more youthful consumers. It features a more provocative, dynamic interpretation of a compact sedan that displays a more stable, athletic stance with 19-inch allow wheels pushed to the vehicle’s corners with short overhangs to help emphasize its long wheelbase.

The Corolla Furia design includes a swept windshield, with a sloped roofline and pronounced fender flares, to help communicate a sense of motion even when the car is stationary. The aggressively styled front fascia, with a blacked-out grille treatment, helps highlight a pair of sculpted front LED headlamps that combine with the rear composite LED taillight assemblies to add a sense of advanced technology to the Furia’s impactful exterior. Carbon fiber accents adorn the Corolla Furia Concept’s wheel wells, rocker panels, and rear valance, which includes ornate metal exhaust outlet surrounds to add a sense of modern athleticism.

Peugeot’s Diesel-Electric Hybrid Supercar Onyx Concept Thu, 18 Oct 2012 11:42:21 +0000 Peugeot Onyx Car Concept

So here’s the answer to your superpower green car cravings and you’ll surely drool over its aesthetics inside and out, meet Peugeot’s Onyx concept green supercar.


Peugeot Onyx Car Concept

The images shows impressive and intricate design you won’t see from most of the available hybrids in the market. The Onyx will be running a diesel-electric hybrid with a 3.7-liter V8 engine that is slated to produce 680-horsepower of power when paired with its electric engine. Now that was stunning aesthetics yet greener powerful super hybrid car. And to give a you a bit of its winning formula, the engine design have already won the Le Mans 24 hour race back in 2009 when it was used in Peugeot’s 908 HDi FAP race car, so you’d expect something from its roaring force on the wheels.

The car has already an apple-of-the-eye in the Paris Motor Show, and yet we just need to see this artistic super car to hit production.

]]> 2012 Paris Motor Show to showcase Infiniti LE Concept Tue, 04 Sep 2012 05:20:15 +0000

2012 Paris Motor Show to showcase Infiniti LE Concept

Infiniti’s first ever pure electric vehicle will be hitting the 2012 Paris Motor Show, showcasing the new Infiniti LE Concept.

Looking forward for Paris Motor Show 2012, expect the Infiniti LE Concept to be one of the highlights as it’s the company’s flagship 100-percent electric vehicle. As Nissan’s luxury brand, the LE Concept is rooted from Nissan Leaf, that’s why it will be geared up with the power train. However, it’s obvious that the eye-catching aesthetics inside and out comes from Infiniti.

Back in Geneva, Infiniti outed the Emerg-E concept which seemed to be one of the major reference for the LE concept, if we’re talking about its exterior design.

Under the hood, the LE Concept is targeted to run 135 HP and 325 Nm of torque which is much faster that the concept itself when it hit the production line. It’ll also be running a distance of about 160 km or about to a 100 miles for a single charge, while you don’t worry as the car’s 24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack can be charged up to 80-percent while you take a 30-minute coffee break.

We’re sure to get more details as the 2012 Paris Motor Show will be just a month away.