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Few luxury car owners relish the thought of selling their beloved vehicles. Whether they need some quick cash to deal with a serious emergency or they’re just looking to upgrade and want to reinvest the profit into a new Bentley, they’ll face some challenges if they want to get what the car is really worth. Luxury car owners can read on to find a few tips that can help them ensure they’re working with the right buyer.

Find a Cash Buyer

While car dealerships may have the luxury of offering to finance qualified purchases, the average driver can’t afford to take a risk on a buyer who can’t offer cash. Don’t take trades, and don’t owner finance the purchase. Instead, get cash for your bentley from a reliable buyer willing to pay what it’s worth.

Be Honest

Don’t try to hide damage to the car in pictures or descriptions. It’s a waste of time. Whether drivers are looking for private buyers, heading to dealerships, or working with luxury car specialists to find a buyer, they’ll notice mechanical issues and cosmetic damage.

If the seller hasn’t been upfront about obvious damage to their vehicles, potential buyers will be hesitant to believe there aren’t other underlying problems that haven’t been addressed. Given how ubiquitous Carfax vehicle history checks have become, there’s really no way to hide a vehicle’s accident history. Plenty of buyers will still be interested if the Bentley has been in a minor fender bender and has been perfectly restored, but they won’t be interested if they feel like the seller is lying to them.

Make Sure It’s in Good Shape

It’s worth investing a little money in a tune-up prior to listing a luxury car for sale. If drivers have noticed any minor mechanical or cosmetic issues, they might want to have them fixed before getting ready to sell. Even if the vehicle is in good condition, it’s worth investing a little time into getting the vehicle in pristine shape by removing all belongings, cleaning the interior trim and upholstery, and having the exterior washed and waxed.

Avoid Dealers

Car dealerships don’t stay in business by offering sellers top dollar for their vehicles. They do it by purchasing cars for as little as they can and then reselling them for a higher price. Sellers can waste their time driving around visiting local dealerships, or they can contact a company that specializes in luxury car resales to get what their car is worth without all that hassle.

Don’t Jeopardize Personal Safety

There are a lot of scammers on the Internet, and luxury cars make good targets. Drivers may want to think twice about posting a Bentley or another luxury vehicle on Craigslist and similar marketplaces, as there’s no way for them to guarantee the sincerity of potential buyers. Those who insist on selling their luxury cars themselves instead of working with an expert who can help should prioritize their personal safety by choosing a public location to show the car and bringing along a friend for protection.

The Bottom Line

Selling a luxury vehicle can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Drivers need not waste time haggling with consumers who can’t actually afford to buy luxury vehicles or visiting every dealership in town only to find that they all make the same low-ball offers. Instead, Bentley owners can clean their vehicles and sell them to a luxury car resale professional who will make an immediate cash offer.

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Should I remove the catalytic converter when I scrap my car? Sat, 07 Sep 2019 12:21:48 +0000

The catalytic converter is one of the most valuable components of the vehicle, which is why some people recommend removing it before the vehicle is scrapped and trying to sell it on. However, we would strongly advise against this for several reasons. If you have been considering removing the catalytic converter then we’ve got some reasons why you should maybe reconsider. If you are looking to scrap your car and need some advice, visit

What is a catalytic converter? 

Often the catalytic converter is viewed as one of the most important parts of the vehicle as it controls the amount of harmful substances that are released from the engine into the air. All modern vehicles are fitted with one as the amount of dangerous emissions released from an engine is limited in the UK and several other places across the globe. 

Catalyst substances cause a chemical reaction that stops harmful emissions before they reach the exhaust pipe. If these pollutants were to be released, there would be much more carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide in the air which would be both dangerous for the environment and the people around the vehicle. 

In terms of its appearance, a catalytic converter looks like a smaller version of an exhaust silencer. They are the most efficient at higher temperatures, therefore they are usually built next to the engine which is the hottest part of the vehicle. 

Why are they valuable? 

A catalytic converter is made up of platinum, rhodium and palladium, all precious metals inside the converter that could be worth a lot. However, to access these, the converter needs to be cracked open, which should only be done by a specialist in the field as these chemicals are extremely toxic and classed as hazardous waste by the authorities. 

If you choose to have your vehicle scrapped using, your vehicle will be collected and taken to an Authorised Treatment Facility, the only places in the UK that are legally allowed to scrap cars. This is partly because they are trained to remove hazardous chemicals such as these in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. 

Why should you not remove a catalytic converter? 

If you are not an expert in this field then we would strongly recommend that you do not remove the catalytic converter yourself as it might expose you to harmful chemicals. You are probably best avoiding removing any parts of the vehicle before it is scrapped and the money you will receive for the items won’t be worth the hassle. Plus, the scrap value is decided by the weight of your vehicle. If you have parts removed then the vehicle will weigh less and be worth less. 

Along with this, we’d advise even further that you do not remove the catalytic converter whilst you are still using the vehicle. The main job of the converter is to reduce the amount of harmful gasses spread into the air. By removing this device, you are exposing yourself and others to these harmful emissions. 

Your catalytic converter has an important role in your vehicle and therefor it should stay there until an expert removes it before the vehicle is scrapped. Otherwise you will have to deal with a difficult and dangerous task that is not worth the risks you have to take. 

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Benefits Of Taking Your Vehicle To Auto Repairs Shop Thu, 27 Jun 2019 14:45:24 +0000 Nowadays, owning a car is no more a luxury, everyone possesses it for some or the other reason. With vehicles comes the unavoidable repair and maintenance. Hence, you must ensure that you get to the best auto repairs shop for your vehicle no matter whatever is the issue with your car or vehicle. If you do not agree on this, then here we bring to you a number of benefits you get for taking your vehicle to the auto repair shop.  Generally after every six months you need to go for repairing of the auto parts so that the logbook servicing 

What are the functions of an Auto Repairing shop? 

Auto Repairs

An Affordable option

Among most of the benefits that you get from taking your vehicle to the auto repair shop is that you are opting for an affordable option. There are chances that you get excellent service at authorized dealer. However, there is chances that you can get even better service at independent dealer. It does not mean that expensive is always better. Thus, you can get enhanced service at affordable prices. Instead of taking your car everyday to the repairing shop, you can go for packages that will help you to include your car in a package system for better productivity and on-road performance. 

Higher Level of Expertise and Skills

Moreover, when you seek services of an independent dealer, it is important that you get access to the same parts of your manufacturer company. Therefore, many independent auto repairs shops have such facilities that they have direct contact with the manufacturer and provide with the original and genuine parts and necessary information for the repairs and other such. These independent shops comprise modern equipment and software to access the service log of cars of various makes and models. 

Certified technicians 

In addition to that, another important advantage of heading towards the auto repairs shop is to getting your car serviced by the industry experts. The certified technicians and mechanics work in such workshops. They are highly skilled technicians and mechanics having certification over the years. Moreover, they have hands-on experience to work on various models and makes of the cars. The expert technicians undergo various automotive training sessions from time to time to update themselves and stay abreast of the latest technology. Even these shops comprise computer control system. 

Convenient option

No matter what, when it comes to the convenience, people always give preference to it. Going to a dealership can be a time-consuming affair. Instead, when you opt for auto repairs, then it is more convenient option for you. you will not have to wait in a long queue for your turn to show up. Besides, you can get it pre scheduled and get the best and quality service. You do not have to fix an appointment and wait for your turn as in dealership. 

Auto Repairs 2

Boost the safety and enhance the value 

Another biggest advantage of going to auto repairs shop is that the safety level of your car will enhance drastically. They will check your vehicle for any probable problem and inform you beforehand what is wrong with your vehicle. This, in turn will lower the running cost of your car. There are specialized checks that you need to do with reference to the tyre pressure, the checking of the coolant and all kinds of electrical components of your car. 
Hence, these are the top benefits of taking your car to auto repairs shop. No matter what, taking your car to the auto repairs shop will enhance the safety of your vehicle manifold. Apart from that, it maintains the value of your vehicle and reduces the running cost of your vehicle as well.

What makes Mazda automatic transmission repair different? Fri, 21 Jun 2019 19:26:46 +0000 The brand Mazda is established for manufacturing sports vehicles with advanced technology and innovation. For Mazda automatic transmission repair, you need to contact with a reliable Mazda servicing center because they can rebuild your old transmission system with a new automatic transmission. For more than 45 years of age, the Mazda is known to provide ASE Certified quality products to their customers. All the technical possibilities are tested by the experts and you can avail limited warranty on their spare parts. Irrespective of the requirement, getting repaired or rebuilt, the user need to get immediate assistance of the company technicians in order to avoid the huge expense later. The services of the experts are advised to access whenever in need. Because, as all the functions are based on the technology, and any minute damage can cause huge impact on the efficiency of the car.

Allocation of skilled experts as professionals enhances the Mazda automatic transmission repair at its best. For the purpose of servicing and getting repaired, to maintain the quality of the product, different branches are opened to ensure that the company services are provided to their customers. The original versions of products are advised while repair and rebuilt of the Mazda transmission system and the mechanics can provide you the best Mazda automatic transmission repair at affordable cost. Mazda sports car little expensive and you need to spend huge costs for maintaining such cars. Therefore, two years or 24,000-mile warranty is backed for the repairing services by Mazda automatic transmission repair.

Why would you choose Mazda automatic transmission repair?

  • Expertise with 30 years of experience and skill developed techniques to repair with cost-effective measures.  The experienced and specialized mechanics can easily identify the issue of your car within few minutes and they have all advanced tools to repair your automatic transmission system.
  • Automatic transmission is a safety tool of your car that provides you automatic gear change and you do not need to control the speed of your car by changing gears manually. In this case, you need to repair the automatic transmission system of your Mazda car on regular basis because any problem of your transmission system can lead you serious road accident.  
  • With no competency in mind, no partiality served to the approached customers of any brand. The customer in need within the radius of hundred miles of the base is served with the repairing services. Mazda services have various branches and they can also provide you the mobile repairing facility, they can visit your location and repair your car at no extra cost.

The life expectancy of the vehicles invented are large if properly used, repaired and taken care as per the guidance given by the Mazda automatic transmission repair department.

What is the function of automatic gearbox?

The function of the automatic gearbox of Mazda automatic transmission repair is to detect the cause of the problem. The aid of experts is brought into notice only at the warning of the automatic gearbox. If they find anything wrong in your transmission system, then they can rebuild your automatic transmission with a new one.

How to avail the services of specialists when in need?

There is no difficulty in making available the services offered by the Mazda automatic transmission repair. The customer just needs to communicate the need and place for the service to reach you. Making sure the safety and security of the people, the specialists are available at your requirement despite the destination.

Customer satisfaction is the goal of the facilities they put forward. Priority is the quality, in terms of products, service as well as the satisfaction of both the parties. There are many more services offered to the customers along with the transmission repairs.

British car buying and the changing automotive market Tue, 21 May 2019 15:17:04 +0000

Google’s ‘Car Purchasing Process UK’ report recently revealed that 70% of British people own their own vehicle and over half of these have purchased a car within the past two years. As a nation of tech lovers and upgraders, we’re always looking for the latest model, whether that means our phones, our clothing, or our vehicles. Many car owners opt to upgrade to a newer vehicle every two or three years to keep up with the latest advances in technology.

According to the same report, over half of all car owners in the UK planned to purchase a new vehicle within the next few years, with 20% planning on buying a new car within the next six months. Of these, almost half said that they planned to purchase a new car, with 37% saying that they would choose a used car. But which factors influence the British car buying process and how is the automotive market changing? Motorparks, who stock a range of used vehicles including the used Ford Focus Automatic, investigate…

How are the purchase decisions made?

According to Google’s Drive to Decide report, one of the main factors in deciding to purchase a new vehicle is a change of lifestyle. The report reveals 28% buy a new car because their financial situation had improved, 12% because they had a new job, 11% because of expanding their family, 7% because they moved into a new home and a further 5% because of health or age reasons.

That doesn’t mean that British car buying habits aren’t influenced by more practical reasons, however. In fact, the report also revealed that decisions have be heavily influenced by new offers, vehicle launches and desires. 41% choose to buy a new car because they ‘need one’, 35% because they just wanted a new vehicle, 24% due to wanting better fuel efficiency, 20% because they notice a good offer or promotion and a further 11% as a result of a brand-new vehicle launch.

It’s common for people to find themselves buying a new vehicle every couple of years. Google’s reports highlight that car owners who bought their new vehicle more than two years ago are the group most likely to purchase a replacement vehicle in the next six months (30%) or between seven and 11 months time, with the most likely factor to influence the decision being typical car warranties running out after three years.

The changing market

The car dealership market in the UK is thriving. From independent dealers, comparison website and private sellers, to franchise and manufacturer dealerships, the car supermarket is populated with a whole host of channels trying to get car buyers to buy their vehicle through them. And the market is evolving. The dealership still appears to be at the heart of British car buying habits, with the average auto buyer visiting the dealership 2.1 times, and having 1.3 test drives before making their purchase.

As the market continues to change, however, buying trends do too. Over a third (36%) of those looking to buy a car online in the coming years would choose an independent site. Manufacturer websites are only just falling behind, with 33% choosing main manufacturers.

The advent of newer, more advanced technology has influenced buying decisions too. Car buyers are increasingly starting their research for their new car on digital platforms – which could be one of the reasons why independent websites have now become more popular than official manufacturer websites. When beginning the car buying process, 51% of buyers now start their research online, with 32% using their smartphones to aid a ‘Which car is the best?’ moment. Digital has transformed the way buyers do their research before purchasing, and in some cases, has completely transformed how they buy a car – with 54% of buyers considering buying online either now or in the future. However, as it stands, the majority of purchasing (96%) still happens in-store.

How do British consumers pay for their cars?

There are a variety of different ways to pay for your car. The majority of vehicles are purchased using personal savings – the Google ‘Car Purchasing Process UK’ report revealed that of those looking to purchase a car in the next few years, 59% said they would use their savings! Part exchange took second place, with 37% saying their part exchange would help fund their new vehicle. For many people, using the capital in their existing vehicle provides a sizable deposit for their next vehicle, deducting an amount from the value of the new vehicle.

Hire Purchase and Contract Purchase agreements were the two most popular ways to finance a new car according to the report. 13% of buyers said they would think about HP and 10% said they would consider PCP. Lease Purchase and Contract Hire only account for 6% of the market each. So, what makes HP and PCP more attractive to car buyers?

There are numerous benefits to paying for your car in stages. Finance agreements often make buying a car more affordable, with fixed monthly payments across an agreed period of time also coming with the option for people to purchase the vehicle at the end of the term by paying the remaining balance on the vehicle. For some car buyers, monthly payments are more achievable and affordable than paying for the vehicle outright with a cash purchase. Whilst analysing the methods of buying a new car, the Google ‘Car Purchasing Process UK’ report reveals further figures that prove the interest in finance options for car purchasing. Owners of new cars purchased in the last two years, as well as those planning to buy new in the coming three years, show strong interest in the use of PCP, PCH and lease purchase. Around a fifth (21%) of those who have bought new in the last two years would use PCP to pay for their next car, while 16% who plan to buy new in the next three years would use PCP.

The EV market

Business is also booming for the electric market in the UK– 2018 was a record year for new car sales, with approximately 132,000 new electric registrations by December. The success across the market could be attributed to some of the latest developments in the industry meaning that some of the initial set backs are becoming less of an issue to drivers – and the news that the government plan to ban the sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. The success of the EV market in the UK can also be attributed to the development of related services; electricity suppliers such as Northern Powergrid have been working on EV charger installation across the country.

Have you thought about upgrading your own vehicle? Which factors influence your car buying habits? This discussion provides a lot of food for thought for both buyers and players in the industry.

5 Essential Tips to Remember When It Comes to Selling Your Car Today Wed, 15 May 2019 16:13:21 +0000
How to Sell a Used Car

Are you looking to get rid of your old vehicle? Even if it’s no longer useful to you, it may help someone else. Sure, it’s possible to sell a car through the dealership, but it’s hard to make money that way. Going through a consigner is an easy way to make a sale, but it’s important to cover your bases by following the tips in this guide.

Stage it For Sale

Today, most people wouldn’t expect to sell a home without first staging it. The same sort of logic applies to vehicle sales. Clean your car thoroughly, outside and in, and handle those small repairs that keep getting put off. Have routine maintenance, such as a tire rotation and oil change, done before you sell your luxury car. Though it takes time to make your car more presentable, it may help to convince an uncertain buyer.

Set a Fair Price

Before putting your car up for sale, research fair prices. Setting the bar too low won’t help, but setting it too high won’t pique buyers’ interests. The Kelley Blue Book is a fine place to start, but it’s important not to stop there. Check local classified listings to see what similar models are commanding. Set your price, as well as a minimum, before agreeing to show your vehicle to a potential buyer.

Be Safe and Respectful

Once you’ve had your car staged and you’ve set a price, it’s time to let the consigner do their job. Be prepared to answer questions and calls in a timely manner. Several people may be interested in the vehicle, but each person may be looking at other cars as well. The more respectful and conscientious you seem, the more trustworthy you’ll appear to potential buyers.

Get the Paperwork Together

To legitimize the sale, you and the car buyer will have to wade through some paperwork. Be ready with:

  • The car’s registration and title
  • A liability release, which verifies the date and time at which the buyer takes possession of the vehicle
  • The car’s maintenance records

When working with a consigner, they’ll likely handle most of the paperwork transfers on your behalf.

Look Out for Scams

Thanks to the internet, scammers have even more ways to make fast money. Once you find a buyer for your luxury vehicle, only accept a certified check (or better yet, cash) as payment. If the buyer pays with a certified check, call the issuing bank to verify funds before releasing the vehicle.

Be extremely skeptical of a buyer who’s anxious to take possession before the paperwork and other details have been handled. Never release a car before receiving payment and signing over the title, for your protection and that of the new owner. As with other matters, it’s crucial to trust your own instincts. If something about an offer just doesn’t seem right, wait for a better one.

A Parting Thought on Selling Your Luxury Car

Selling a car takes time and effort, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor. By selling your vehicle through a consigner, you will have greater control over the process, from initial interest to the final sale. By following the steps listed here, you will have an easier time saying goodbye to your old car, and you’ll walk away with more money in your pocket.

The Best Option For Car shipping in Chicago Mon, 22 Apr 2019 16:50:09 +0000 You visited the Chicago Auto Show, you chose a new car, and now you are now wondering how to ship your new vehicle from Chicago to your home. The easy, affordable and fastest way for car shipping is to hire a shipping company.

But buying a new car is not the only reason for car shipping from one place to another. Many other reasons prompt you to ship your vehicle.

Despite the many reasons for transporting cars, I will not list them. Everyone ships their vehicle for some reason. We are interested in car shipping Chicago. If you are currently in Chicago and you need a company for the transport of your car, you will need the best car shipping.

I will help you on how to choose the best way for car shipping Chicago.

You want the cheapest, the fastest and the most effective manner for car shipping Chicago.

How much will you pay for car shipping Chicago?

Several significant things determine the price. Moreover, if you are doing this for the first time, you’ll need to know what kind of options you have for the transport of your car.

First of all, the price depends on the destination of shipping. The longer the distance is the highest the cost would be.

For example:

Car shipping Chicago to Los Angeles it will cost you about $1000. If you calculate if you are driving the car from Chicago to Los Angeles, you will spend nearly close to the price that is for shipping.

Secondly, the way of carrier. There are two options:

Open auto transport and Enclosed auto transport.

Open auto transport is an inexpensive way to ship a car from any place to another.

Then you’ll have to choose the transport. Also, you have two options:

Door-to-door transportation and Terminal-to-terminal transportation. The cheaper option is Terminal-to-Terminal transport.

The other things that determine the price are the weather, the model of the vehicle and the route of the car shipping.

Your car is in Chicago but where is the departure destination? If your goal is another big city, the price will be lower, but if you want the car to be shipped to some peaceful village that you’ll need to prepare a little more money.

The best option for car shipping Chicago

When we transport our car, we want the best choice possible and the cheapest, right?

If you already have the company for car shipping Chicago, now you need to decide what transport service you will choose.

For example, I will take the Chicago auto show- the largest National auto show again. You went there, you saw your dream car, you made a contract, and you now have a beautiful new car. Next, you’ll need transport of the vehicle.

Because you have a new car the best option for you would be enclosed transportation.

But if you have another reason to ship your car, then you can choose the cheapest way of transport. If you choose the right shipping company, then the open carrier will be the best option.

If you think that open auto transport will do damage to your car, then you can always choose the other option, but be sure that every shipping company is trying to transport your car safe and secure to your chosen destination.

If you need to transport the car, always decide with the best company that has the experience instead of driving the car. If you calculate which option will cost you more, the result is car shipping company option. But then you have to consider how much time you will need to spend while driving in the same direction, and nothing can replace the lost time. If someone asks me, I always choose a car transport company.

Your Complete Online Guide to Buying Used Parts for Your Car Mon, 22 Apr 2019 16:33:43 +0000


As a car owner, you are responsible for the daily maintenance and care of your automobile. If you have been driving your car for quite a while, you may have to replace worn out parts with those that are in good condition. There are some people that prefer buying new car parts because they don’t trust second-hand ones. In most cases, people assume that a second-hand car part cannot work as well as a new one. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is misguided.

Some used car parts can be brand new. There are some instances where someone may crash a brand new car and instead of taking it to the mechanic for repair, they decide to write it off and claim their insurance money. A smart garage owner is likely to buy such a write-off and take the remaining functional parts as spares for their clients. If you are lucky enough to find such a part on sale, you can get it for a good bargain.

If you’re on a budget and need to get your car fixed urgently, you should know a few tricks that can help you find a good used car part. They include the following:

1. The Location

Most people panic when they realize that their car requires a certain part especially if it’s their first time. In most cases, they’ll go out of town to look for the parts, forgetting that they also have auto repair shops in the area where they live.

When looking for used spare parts for your vehicle, you need to start by looking at the nearest local mechanical shops. You can first begin by confirming the availability of the parts. If the first shop doesn’t have the part that you’re looking for, move onto the next one. If you happen to live in a remote location where there are no mechanical shops around, you can begin your search in nearby towns.

2. Check on History

After you’ve identified a shop to buy the used car parts, ask the seller to tell you about the historical usage of those parts. Was the part from a written off the car or from an older model of your current vehicle? When was the part bought and why is it being removed from the other car if it’s functional? These are some of the questions that you can ask to determine the history of the car parts.

Furthermore, looking for used parts requires a sharp eye to detect a crack or dent that may result in a series of similar problems. You can visit online automobile sites to learn more about various car parts.

3. ID Verification

Buying spare parts is a process that requires it to ensure that you get exactly what you paid for. You can acquire used parts at a very affordable price, especially if it’s one of those common parts in the market. All you need to do is make sure that you confirm the name of the part by checking the identification number.

Sometimes we often tend to make assumptions on the quality of the part, but you can easily come across a faulty one if you don’t examine it carefully.

4. Return Policies

Every auto shop has different rules and guidelines. This means that the auto parts can have different return policies. While there’re other policies that will allow a covered period of only 30 days, there are others that will offer as much as 90 days or more.

Therefore, before you make a purchase, make sure that you know about the return policies of different shops. In addition, there’s a higher probability that a spare part with a longer return policy will last longer than others.

5. Purpose

While buying used parts can help you save a great deal on your overall car maintenance fee, there are still some parts that can never be bought second hand. Such parts play a vital role in the normal functioning of the car. They include the transmission and radiators.

Buying a used spark-plug will only lead you back to the mechanic after a few weeks or months. This is because this part is better off bought when it’s still brand new.

6. Style-Clashing

As much as many people don’t really pay much attention to this, buying used car parts from different shops can sometimes work against you even if you remained within your budget. The parts may not go well with the car’s accessories; thus, resulting in style-clashing.

For example, you can acquire a used headlight, only to find out that it slightly defers from your other functioning headlight. Clashing of the style can sometimes hinder performance or even result in a short life span for the car part. This means that you need to have a keen eye when shopping for any kind of used part. It is also preferable to buy most of your parts from one shop.

7. No to Big Companies

There are some big companies out there that have made their money by selling both new and used car parts to people. Most of them are franchises with branches all over your state. If you really want to save money, don’t buy a used car part from such a shop.

Furthermore, the used car part may be sold at a questionable price, and you’re likely to get bad coverage for it. This is because such businesses know that there are some people desperate to get parts for their vehicles. Therefore, they rip off such buyers with substandard parts because they don’t know much about the industry.


Even though new car parts are less risky than used ones, you can get a good deal on the latter accessory. If you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth when purchasing a used car part, you have to do your research. On top of that, you can also use the above guidelines.

Protecting Our Environment: 5 Questions and Answers About Testing Your Car’s Emissions Wed, 17 Apr 2019 15:42:24 +0000 Emission Testing

In February 2019, Ford became the latest car manufacturer embroiled in an emissions testing controversy. The auto giant announced it would be launching a probe into its emissions testing procedures after employees raised several concerns. Ford has hired an outside company to look into its practices.

Vehicle emissions testing was thrust under the international spotlight in 2015 when Volkswagen, the German car manufacturer, was at the center of an emissions scandal. The carmaker had planted software within its diesel engines that could detect when they were being tested. When tested, the engines altered their performance to comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

But emissions testing is not solely the manufacturer’s responsibility. To improve air quality, many states across the United States have legislation in place that requires vehicle owners to have their vehicle emissions tested periodically to identify vehicles with high carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. These are 5 answers to common questions about testing your car’s emissions.

Does my vehicle need testing?

Under the Gateway vehicle inspection program, any gas vehicle that was built after 1996, or diesel vehicle built after 1997, weighing less than 8,500 pounds needs to undergo regular emissions tests.

There are exemptions in place for vehicles that are two years old with less than 40,000 miles on the odometer. If the vehicle is older than four years old and has done less than 12,000 miles in the last two years it is also exempt from testing.

Plug-in, hybrid and electric vehicles are also exempt, as are motorcycles, scooters, government vehicles, school buses, historic vehicles (over 25-years-old) and specially constructed or kit vehicles. If you have any questions about vehicle exemptions, the individual state can provide further information.

How often does my car need testing?

Your car needs to have its emissions tested when your license plates needs renewing. Odd vehicle model years are testing on odd years, and even vehicle model years are tested on even years. You will need to show evidence that you had your vehicle emissions tested within the last 60 days when you try to renew your registration.

What are the penalties for not testing?

If you don’t get your vehicle emissions tested, you will not be able to renew the registration, you will not receive new stickers and your vehicle will be deemed off-road.

Will I be notified that my vehicle needs testing?

Yes, the state sends out notifications 60 days before your license plate renewal is due. This gives you plenty of time to organize for an emissions test and head to your nearest test location.

Do I have to take my vehicle in for its emission test?

The vehicle owner does not have to be present when the vehicle receives its test. Any licensed motorist can take the car in for testing at a recognized testing station.

Avoid having an unregistered vehicle by adequately preparing for you license expiration and organizing an emissions test. Contact your local tester today to arrange your emission test and stay on top of your legal responsibilities as a car owner.

When It Hits You out of the Blue: 5 Immediate Steps to Take If You Hit a Deer with Your Vehicle Wed, 13 Feb 2019 14:24:46 +0000

So many of us are so used to driving every day of our lives that when something happens, which it mostly inevitably will at some point, it can take us at a bit of a shock. Think about how often you drive your car. You’ll be lucky if you only end up hitting something once in your life.

While a lot is known about what happens one of these incidents ends up being with another car and the process that follows, not many people know what to do if you end up hitting an animal like a deer.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to explore the five key steps you need to take if you hit a deer, and what the proper process is to make sure everything is handled legally and properly.

#1 – Get Safe

Whether you feel shocked or not, or regardless of what’s happened and how many cars or animals are involved, the first point of call is to make sure you’re safe. This means pulling over to the side of the road safely and turning on hazard lights.

If you have Hi-Viz jackets, or a torch to warn other cars, especially at night, it’s very important you implement them. Make sure you get out safely and move away from the road where you’re safe and won’t affect other cars.

#2 – Contact Authorities

The next step is to contact the authorities and the police. This helps to make sure nothing is missed legally; the case is made official, and the scene is sorted out professionally, so it’s safe for other road users. You may also need to fill out an official report on what happened and who you are.

#3 – Collect Evidence

Once everything is sorted, but before evidence is started to be moved (perhaps while the police are on their way), start taking evidence down to use in your own case. This means taking photos of the scene, any damage done to your vehicle and any injuries you may have sustained.

Also, gather witness reports and collect their contact information to prove what happened.

#4 – Contact Your Insurance Company

As soon as possible, probably when you get home, make sure you contact your insurance company,  or car accident attorneys, so you can officially start the claim relating to your injury or any damage to your vehicle. Make sure you give them as much information as possible in order to get the best result.

#5 – Always Avoid the Animal

This is the most important thing to remember throughout the case process. Always stay away from the animal. While it may seem in distress or not moving, you never know what condition the animal is in, and if it’s in distress, it could lash out and harm you further. Always wait for the police to arrive.


As you can see, even if hitting a deer seems like an abstract thing that ‘will never happen to you,’ it’s important you learn these steps in case you do ever find yourself in this situation and want the best outcome that’s most beneficial to you.