How to Choose the Right Bike Insurance

Posted on 01 April 2020 by Tony Santos

Well-defined bike insurance can be of great help and can come in handy if any kind of unforeseeable event should happen on your bike. Most insurance providers offer cover for personal accidents, third party liability, fire, thefts, and natural disasters. When it comes to choosing the right bike insurance for your beloved bike, you can never be too careful. While the benefits offered by various bike insurance providers differ to a certain level, there are a few pre-defined parameters on the basis of which you can decide the right bike insurance for your beloved bike. 

Choosing the Right Bike Insurance

The journey to finding the right bike insurance for yourself includes researching a lot and assessing the policies based on certain important parameters. Here are the primary factors that you should consider while buying a bike insurance policy: 

  • Insurance Coverage

One of the primary things that you need to consider while buying a bike insurance policy is insurance coverage. Firstly, you should narrow down the kind of coverages you would be needing for your bike. Apart from the mandatory third party bike insurance, you can choose add-ons and customize your insurance policy as much as you want. 

  • Insurance Price

Once the type of coverage needed is decided, the second important parameter to be considered is the price at which you are getting the insurance policy. While different insurance providers offer policies at different costs, doing appropriate research will ensure that you get the best rates for your insurance policy as well as premiums. 

  • Frequency of Premiums

Another important factor to consider while buying a bike insurance policy is to choose the right and the most comfortable option for premiums.  Many make the mistake of opting for premiums that are not convenient to pay and end up incurring non-payment charges. Hence, it would be important to choose wisely in this aspect while buying the insurance policy.

  • Insurance Provider 

Once you have decided on the necessary coverage and price, you need to ensure that you choose the right bike insurance provider. Some of the factors that you can look for when it comes to the providers is the after-sale service that they provide, and their claim settlement ratio. You can also get insights into the credibility and customer service of the insurance provider through social media and the provider’s website. 

Once you are satisfied with your choices on all the aforementioned aspects, you can go ahead and buy the insurance policy that best fits your requirements. Apart from these parameters, you can also consider other parameters such as the claim settlement ratio, the no-claim bonus and the turnaround times that are offered under the policy. Considering these factors will ensure that you make a well-informed decision and buy the right bike insurance suited to your needs. 

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