Bugatti’s most powerful and fastest production hypercar

Posted on 06 April 2020 by Tony Santos

In Bugatti’s colorful history, Chiron signifies hues of exclusivity in power and speed of its sophisticated super sports car line. It’s the most powerful production hypercar from Molsheim, very distinctive in its design, innovation and performance making it an iconic masterpiece. Design elements are carefully crafted by its artists and engineers to create Chiron’s unrivaled aesthetics and automotive prowess.

To dive deeper into Chiron’s bloodline, we will cover its magnificent lineup through the month of April. The formidable lineup will include; Chiron Sport, Chiron Pur Sport, Chiron Sport 110 ANS and Super Sport 300+.

Now, let us get back with Chiron that undoubtedly iconic on its horseshoe-shaped grill and C-bar sidings. Bugatti will give you an option to add their version of sunroof called Skyview. Meticulously designed to pronounce space with ambient light that harmonizes with Chiron’s signature lines. But don’t fall in love with its artistic aerodynamics as it flows with functionality, the C-bar, and quad headlights act as both air intake to efficiently cool the brakes and engine.

The exterior could be the first-impression head-turner signature of a Bugatti, but the cockpit could be almost the same feat. It’s C-line form mirrored inside as seat separator with LED illumination setting the mood to reveal the premium beauty inside. All necessary display information is within the range of the driver including the mechanical speedometer displaying the 500KPH top speed. The interior is highly customizable per client.

Chiron’s titan and carbon fiber-rich heart is a quad-turbocharged 8 l W16 engine that is capable of staggering 1,500 hp and unbelievable torque of 1,600 Nm with tire-wrecking power output between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm. As literally the heart, its veins for both power and performance were pump with 60,000 liters of air for its turbochargers and 800 liters of water per minute to cool down. The new titanium exhaust system, with reduced gas backpressure, boosts this performance even more.

This is Bugatti Chiron.

All images are screenshots from the official Bugatti website and for information purposes only.

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