5 Essential Tips to Remember When It Comes to Selling Your Car Today

Posted on 15 May 2019 by Tony Santos

How to Sell a Used Car

Are you looking to get rid of your old vehicle? Even if it’s no longer useful to you, it may help someone else. Sure, it’s possible to sell a car through the dealership, but it’s hard to make money that way. Going through a consigner is an easy way to make a sale, but it’s important to cover your bases by following the tips in this guide.

Stage it For Sale

Today, most people wouldn’t expect to sell a home without first staging it. The same sort of logic applies to vehicle sales. Clean your car thoroughly, outside and in, and handle those small repairs that keep getting put off. Have routine maintenance, such as a tire rotation and oil change, done before you sell your luxury car. Though it takes time to make your car more presentable, it may help to convince an uncertain buyer.

Set a Fair Price

Before putting your car up for sale, research fair prices. Setting the bar too low won’t help, but setting it too high won’t pique buyers’ interests. The Kelley Blue Book is a fine place to start, but it’s important not to stop there. Check local classified listings to see what similar models are commanding. Set your price, as well as a minimum, before agreeing to show your vehicle to a potential buyer.

Be Safe and Respectful

Once you’ve had your car staged and you’ve set a price, it’s time to let the consigner do their job. Be prepared to answer questions and calls in a timely manner. Several people may be interested in the vehicle, but each person may be looking at other cars as well. The more respectful and conscientious you seem, the more trustworthy you’ll appear to potential buyers.

Get the Paperwork Together

To legitimize the sale, you and the car buyer will have to wade through some paperwork. Be ready with:

  • The car’s registration and title
  • A liability release, which verifies the date and time at which the buyer takes possession of the vehicle
  • The car’s maintenance records

When working with a consigner, they’ll likely handle most of the paperwork transfers on your behalf.

Look Out for Scams

Thanks to the internet, scammers have even more ways to make fast money. Once you find a buyer for your luxury vehicle, only accept a certified check (or better yet, cash) as payment. If the buyer pays with a certified check, call the issuing bank to verify funds before releasing the vehicle.

Be extremely skeptical of a buyer who’s anxious to take possession before the paperwork and other details have been handled. Never release a car before receiving payment and signing over the title, for your protection and that of the new owner. As with other matters, it’s crucial to trust your own instincts. If something about an offer just doesn’t seem right, wait for a better one.

A Parting Thought on Selling Your Luxury Car

Selling a car takes time and effort, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor. By selling your vehicle through a consigner, you will have greater control over the process, from initial interest to the final sale. By following the steps listed here, you will have an easier time saying goodbye to your old car, and you’ll walk away with more money in your pocket.

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