Size matters: how to choose the right vehicle for moving home

Posted on 02 April 2019 by Tony Santos

Knowing that you are about to give yourself a complete change of scenery – by moving home – can feel very exciting. However, whether you are a student temporarily relocating for university, prompted to move because of a new job, or moving for another reason, how exactly will you move?

The vehicle you choose for transporting your items from one place to another will be a crucial part of this equation. Therefore, it pays to be selective by considering the following factors…

How much stuff do you really need transporting?

If you are moving for study purposes, then your student accommodation could be pretty limited in terms of how much it could contain, while leaving various superfluous items at your parents’ house is probably an option anyway. However, what if you will be permanently relocating?

In that instance, you should carefully assess what stuff would be imperative to bring with you and what items can be left out, perhaps because they were rendered redundant a long time ago. Now’s a good time to de-clutter your existing home, says The Spruce, and sell or donate surplus possessions.

Once you’ve done that and determined what definitely needs to join you in the upcoming new phase of your life, list those items and consider their sizes. It would be useful to consider those sizes in cubic feet, as you might find that vehicle rental firms you consider record their vehicles’ sizes in feet.

Finding the right match between vehicle and items

There are many different vehicles from which you can pick for your move. These will vary in their sizes, and you shouldn’t be surprised if a particular rental firm of your consideration lists those sizes on its website. This will make it easier for you to get a rough idea of what type of vehicle you need.

The Don’t Panic… You’re Only Moving website usefully points out that a standard box of furniture spans 3 cubic feet, while a fridge freezer measures 30 cubic feet. Therefore, dozens of fridge freezers could be fitted into a 3.5-ton Luton body van, which has an internal volume of about 600 cubic feet.

If you remain unsure what size of vehicle to choose, go for something larger than you think you might need, property portal Zoopla advises. After all, it would mean fewer trips – and that can be particularly important if you need to be out of your soon-to-be-former home by a certain time.

Should you drive the van itself?

While that can be an option, it would require you to meet criteria like holding the right licence and presenting the van hire firm with a “check code” or “verification code” from the DVLA, allowing that van hire company to see your driving record.

You could see less hassle in hiring a driver to handle the van on your behalf. It isn’t difficult to utilise a service of man and van hire in Leeds, Newcastle and various other UK cities, allowing your move to proceed with less stress for you.

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