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Posted on 05 December 2018 by Tony Santos

Car Insurance is not just an option but a compulsion in our country, India. Your car policy not only protects others but good for your safety as well. Buying the right insurance for your car is always in your hands. Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDAI) has laid down certain rules in the context of your car policy that you must adhere to. Some of them relates to compulsory third party insurance with a minimum policy tenure and mandatory insurance cap for the drivers.  

You can not avoid these compulsory clauses as laid down by IRDAI in the favor of the vehicle owners only. Luckily you do have flexibility in choosing the best insurance plan for own damage in your car. You can scrutinize your motor insurance with certain due-diligence and can get the best policy for yourself. Vehicle owners need a car policy at the time of buying a new car or during a renewal. While renewing your car policy you have the flexibility to change your insurance company.  


Buy it Online

If you plan to buy your car policy online not only will you get the best price but it will be much more convenient as well. You will have a choice to select from many leading players as well from the online comparison sites like PolicyX. Some of the motor insurance players that can give you the best price can be bajaj allianz, hdfc ergo, bharti axa, national car insurance and many more.  


Use the Online Premium Calculator

You must choose your car policy from the leading insurance players. The best way of doing so is by using an online car insurance calculator. It’s simple to use and can give you the multiple quotes from various insurance players for the car.  You just need to enter some variants and you can get the details of the premium amount in front of your screen. Some variants that you may require to get the quotes for your car insurance premium are as follows.

Sno. Car Insurane Premium Calculator Variants
1. Car Model
2. Car Make
3. Year of Manufacturing
4. City of Purchase
5. Contact Details of the Vehicle Owner  
6. Insurance Policy Number in case of Old Cars


After entering all the details above you get the amount of premium from various insurance companies. You can then check the lowest premium and select it if it suits all your requirements.  


Check the Features of Car Insurance Players

Along with the premium of the car insurance players what makes a difference is the features of the car insurance. To stay competitive, car policy players may offer you many inbuilt add-ons. Women vehicle owners may have certain more advantage like free car towing during car breakdown. You can always check all the unique features and consider it while deciding about your car policy. Car insurance players introduce better features every year, you can stay updated about them and can change your car insurance firm at the time of renewal as well.


Choose the Right Type of Car Insurance

While having a third party cover is mandatory as per the latest rule of IRDAI you can stay flexible on own damage and other types of car policies. Choose the cover as per your requirement with in the limits of insured declared value of your car. You can get the details of various types of car policies on web aggregators like PolicyX. Check the details on their web pages or dig deeper on their blogs.


Avail NCB Discounts  

No Claim Bonus (NCB) can help you in getting the best deals at the time of your car insurance premium. NCB discount can be increased up to 50%, you can avail it after every non-claim year. It’s always recommended to avoid small claims to get the best discounts on NCB. You can always do smart cost-benefit analysis while going for petty claims. If after  analysis the discount on the car policy premium you get is better than your trivial claim than it goes without saying to drop such a claim. Your NCB increases at a steady pace every year at the rate of 5 to 10%. If you avail any claim in between, then your amount of premium discount will be adversely affected.


By following a few simple steps you surely can get the best deal for your car insurance plan. Stay smart and protected by buying the best car insurance with minimum investment.

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