8 Tips for Protecting Your Truck from Environmental Factors

Posted on 31 October 2018 by Tony Santos

Every vehicle requires some form of protection against the harsh environmental condition. If you are wondering how best you can protect your car, here are some pointers on how to efficiently do that.

Wash It

Just the same way you keep your inside clean, it’s imperative to ensure the outside of your car is clean as well. There are numerous dirt particles floating around in the air such as mulch and pollen. If dirt sticks to your car, the heat could cause the dirt to dull your paint. Wash your car regularly to get rid of these small particles and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Do Not Neglect the Paint

Neglecting the paint of your car is often a common error people tend to make. If you protect your car paint properly, there’s a possibility it will be resistant to external elements. This will also mean that you’ll be in a position to save greatly by avoiding expensive repairs with car paints.

Wax Your Car

The rule of thumb is that as long as fresh water drips off your car paint normally, you’ll not need to do any fresh waxing. Nevertheless, if your car has been exposed to external elements for long, then you will be required to wax it. To be on the safe side, you may wax your car during the spring and again before winter.

Windshield Sun Shade Cover

Your car’s dashboard, the steering wheel, and the upholstery are often subjected to extreme heat during hot days. To prevent them from being heated in the sun, you are advised to use a sunshade cover. This device will help you cut the sun rays and reduce the amount of heat entering through your windshield.

Custom Car Covers

Although a cover that generally fits all cars is cheaper, going for a custom car cover offers the snug fit because they are specifically meant for your vehicle’s particular model. These kinds of covers are usually equipped with a locking system at the bottom. That way, it can hold firm and prevent any movements resulting from the wind.

Movements and Vibrations

To protect different parts of your vehicle from colliding during vibrations or movements, it is important that appropriate gadgets are utilized. The rubber bellows provide sufficient protection from these movements. Moreover, their high flexibility makes these gadgets ideal for compensating misalignment. Therefore, to ensure the longevity of your car parts such as the engine, you need to ensure you utilize quality rubber bellows.

Protect Against Rust

As a car owner, you are advised to assess your car for rust more often. The external painted parts of your automobile will show rust when the paint blisters up.  There are three sections to check out for rust: the car’s undercarriage, the trunk and engine, and the external painted part.

Carry Out Periodic Check-up

At the start of every season, make sure you take your car for a check-up. You want to ensure the battery, the belts, the engines, and the AC are in their perfect condition. Also, request the mechanic to check your air filters for dust and debris as these could easily be stuck in the ducts.


With the few, simple tips, it is possible to guard the safety and appearance of your automobile from the environmental factors. Keeping your vehicle protected implies having more fun in the sun!

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