Is your car insurance ready for what’s coming in 2019?

Posted on 26 September 2018 by Tony Santos

We do not know what is around the corner and car insurance, rather annoyingly, depends on a variety of variables before it comes to you deciding whether or not it is a fair amount. However, it is a part of owning a car that must be adhered to and is something that can alter with changes both in your personal life and on a more national scale.

To that end, here we look at possible events in 2019 that could affect how much you pay for car insurance:


Regardless of how you voted in the referendum, that fact that Britain is leaving the European Union can make some changes on your car insurance.

Currently EU law dictates that, in the UK, women and men pay different prices. With the independence companies will gain, the market is expected to become much more competitive.

General election

Keeping with the political theme, car insurance, like everything else, would be affected by a general election in 2019. Whichever political party is in power after it, it’s recommended to expect big changes and for car insurance to play a big part in all manifestos. No matter who ends up in charge, Call Wiser ensures you have the right policy for you.

Stormy conditions

In the event of horrific weather – and, let’s face it, it’s to be expected – your car insurance can be affected. If you were to drive through a flooded area, for instance, your premiums might rise with water going up, into your engine.

Hail damage, on the other hand, can be covered by a fully comprehensive policy.

During heavy winds, however, your insurance may be affected by something being blown onto your car. If this was to occur, it is vital you take photographic evidence of the damage and send it to your insurers, as support of your claim.  

Hot weather

As harsh as rain and stormy weather may be and how they may both affect your insurance, hot weather may be just as affective to your premiums.

The damage your car may endure throughout the summer months, for instance, may greatly affect how much you pay for your insurance. This damage could include cracks in your windscreen, the rise of your tyre pressure and the evaporation of your battery’s fluid.

Be warned, however, that some companies add more to your policy for windscreen cover, so it may be a case of comparing the additional price of windscreen cover to the price you may pay for a damaged windscreen.  

So, whilst you’re enjoying the sunshine, be sure to look after your car.

How you use your car

As well as all the above ‘outside’ factors, one internal element that will affect your car insurance is how much you use it and your vehicle’s mileage. Obviously, the more your drive, the more you pay, so you should probably take this into consideration when calculating your premiums. These, and the state of your vehicle, will all go towards adding up your insurance amount.    

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