[Infographic]Where next for car technology?

Posted on 29 May 2018 by Tony Santos

Thanks to technology, the average car is morphing into your own personal command center. Computing and web technology allows cars to interact with each other and provide updates on road conditions in real time. Holographic windscreens display key data and directions right at eye level, rather than on below-sight gauges. Keychains are becoming mini computers, able to start cars, change interior temperatures and monitor systems. And collision avoidance systems are providing an additional safety layer, detecting crashes before they happen.

Of course, the most anticipated technology that auto manufacturers are developing is driverless cars. Autopilot technology is available in several vehicles, allowing passengers to travel hands free for several miles. But car manufactures predict that fully autonomous vehicles will take over most of the driving within the next five years.

Already, fully autonomous vehicles are being tested across the U.S. Researchers are putting these roving super computers through their paces on city streets, refining systems so they handle the both the mundane and the unanticipated scenarios that occur when driving congested roadways.

Once this happens, passengers will no longer be required to face forward. That means car interiors can be reimagined into living areas and work spaces. Seats can swivel. Screens can project movies or office spreadsheets. You can choose whether time traveling becomes time spent productively or leisurely.

The following infographic by Dryve outlines some of the car technology being developed and implemented into vehicles. Get a sense of where this industry-redefining technology stands today – and where it’s going in the future.

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