Top 5 Ways To Avoid A DUI Charge

Posted on 05 February 2018 by Tony Santos

A DUI (Driving Under the Influence) conviction is the consequence of recklessness exhibited especially during drunk driving that eventually has you pulled over by the authorities, tested by the much feared breathalyzer and charged for violation of DUI laws. If charged, your only option is to fight dui and get a legal expert to represent your case. But why risk your career, reputation and future by getting arrested for a DUI? Follow our handy tips to avoid causing harm to others on the road or getting embroiled in a DUI complication.

Avoid Drinking Before Driving

The easiest way to avoid getting charged for careless driving is to refrain from Alcohol before you drive. This is a safe way to ensure you don’t contribute to drunk driving fatalities or accidents leading to severe consequences. A good idea is to hire a driver if you have a special occasion entailing drinking plans. Alcohol can be tempting but remember your negligence can cause great harm to anyone on the road, not just yourself. So, drive sober and steer clear of drink-indulgence if you plan on traveling.

It’s Important to be Under the Legal Limit

Almost all DUI laws require a legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit that is permitted for driving and while state laws vary, it’s important to note that you may be charged for violating the traffic laws or a DUI even if you are within the BAC limit or under it, in an event where you have caused an accident. You will need a legal professional to provide evidence of your alcohol-influenced driving in such a scenario. It’s recommended to keep a check on the drinks-per-hour metric and eat while drinking to facilitate alcohol digestion. This will help maintain your BAC under the permitted limit.

Drive Safely And Keep Your Vehicle Well Maintained

It’s a general practice to drive safe during normal routine but be extra vigilant and cautious if you are driving after having consumed alcohol. Pay specific attention to traffic regulations and stay within the prescribed speed limits. Avoid talking on the phone, turning on the multimedia system, or breaking the yellow indicator. Your vehicle’s upkeep is a pivotal factor in ensuring safety while driving, so make it a habit to keep your car in top notch condition and get the brakes, tires, engine, suspension and transmission checked by a pro according to the manufacturer’s prescribed maintenance schedule to evade DUI charges and car accidents.

Develop Awareness Regarding Your State’s Laws

Knowing your specific state’s DUI laws will help you stay within the BAC limits in scenarios where you have to drink and possibly travel as well. This will also come handy in case you’re charged with DUI, so you can contact your lawyer to represent you in legal proceedings or educate you regarding the state drinking and driving regulations. For example, if you reside in Los Angeles you will require a professional Ticket Lawyer Los Angeles to provide you with necessary details regarding BAC limits, DUI charge implications and state traffic laws. Consult a pro for awareness and brush up on legislations for drunk driving to avoid getting arrested.

Exhibit Discipline

In an event where you are asked by a police officer to show your driver’s license and registration details post a pull-over, it’s suggested that you put on your best behavior and comply with the standard procedures of document checks and breathe, blood or urine tests. Failure to cooperate with the police or refusal of sobriety tests or other requests can result in even severe penalties depending on your state’s law.

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