Top 5 Types of Jeep Bumpers

Posted on 24 November 2017 by Tony Santos

There are several options available for Jeep bumpers in the market as per their models and use. They come in designs that increase the overall utility of the vehicles as well as improve their appearance. The five most common jeep bumpers include:

Full-Width Bumpers

With a one-piece, steel plate design, full-width bumpers are welded on your jeep. They do not only protect the front of your vehicle but also cover most parts of the body including the tires and fenders. They are highly recommended for driving on forested terrains as they clear the vegetation on their way. They also help in towing a stuck vehicle and come with either D-ring mount or winch mounts.

Tubular Bumpers

Tubular bumpers have the conventional bumper designs with two tubes running across the front of your jeep and a long tube looped around the center. Their primary function is to provide protection during the drive. However, these bumpers are not suitable for towing purposes, as they can be ripped off easily. Many manufacturing companies are working on making tubular bumpers more practical by installing features of off-road recovery bumpers on them such as mounting a shackle on top of the bumper.

Off-Road Recovery Bumpers

Off road recovery bumpers are the typical jeep bumpers serving as a means to pull out a vehicle out of the rut. They are mounted firmly to ensure strength during the process of towing, so they do not rip off while being pulled. Also, they come with the shackles attached, therefore, saving you time and hassle of installation while being stuck in a rut. Additionally, they have a light attached, which comes handy during the night rides too. The off-road recovery bumpers come in a variety of designs including stinger bumpers and stubby bumpers. Choose among various jeep bumper packages to find the one that suits your needs.

Stubby Bumpers

Stubby bumpers are shorter than the average jeep jumpers. They are shaped like this because they spread as wide as the grille’s length. They provide an extra layer of protection owing to its shape and structure. Also, with stubby bumpers the tire installation is easier. However, the big tires are more prone to find obstacles in off road situations due to their size and alignment. For this reason, they are more suited for terrains and highways where the tires can run unobstructed.

Stinger Bumpers

Shaped like a boomerang, this triangular tube extension at a 45-degree angle forming a hoop at the middle of the jeep is called the stinger bumper. Sometimes, it comes with a circle that extends higher than the level of the Jeep’s hood. This bumper is perfect for off-roading purposes. In case, the Jeep rolls into an obstacle, this bumper keeps the vehicle from toppling over. It is also used as a ramp that helps the vehicle to move over and above the obstacles that tires cannot overcome. It also acts as a grill and protects the jeep.

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