Top 5 Motocross Racing Tips

Posted on 27 November 2017 by Tony Santos

If you’re a motorbike fanatic, Motocross racing must be one of your favorites since it is one of those sports that anyone can join in no matter what their skill level or age is. Dirt bike riding in Motocross can be competitive but if you’re up for the challenge, all you need to do is follow our top 5 motocross training tips with zeal, zest and determination to emerge as a winner.


Practicing Jumps and Whoops

Sure anyone can ride a dirt bike but to be able to master cruising offroad through a series of whoops and triple jumps on the track you need to practice. Yes, that’s true! To be able to reach that competitive echelon in Motocross racing, you need to put in strength, patience and dexterity. This practically means to get on your bike and start riding.

The more you ride the better you’ll be able to take a turn or glide through each whoop or high ridge at top speed. Jumping a triple sure sounds thrilling and is fun to watch but if you need to pull one off and master it, you’ll require extensive practice. You’ll be thrilled once you’re able to lift and land that dirt bike on the track with perfection.


Holeshot and Corners

Other key areas to learn in Motocross are the corners and the holeshot. With Corners you should be able to maneuver your bike at high speeds and that requires appropriate body posture, and skillful riding and gliding approach. Practice the corners regularly to perfect this skill, as this is one of the highlights of Motocross. If you can corner well you’re sure to land at the front with high points.

Next comes the Holeshot. Now practicing Holeshot and master it will guarantee you a win but it’s not a piece of cake gliding past another rider and conquering the holeshot. The key, however, is to maintain your calm and stay put once you’ve crossed a rider and won the holeshot.



Rollers can be as daunting as whoops but as they say, ‘practice makes perfect’, so do not lose heart. Train hard for rollers since they can be slightly tricky with their peaks and bumps compared to whoops. A good idea is to practice your corner exits so that it naturally enables you to approach the rollers with flexibility and cross them with ease.


Bike Maintenance

If you are aiming for a win on the track you must have a dirt bike in top notch condition. Your bike must have  good condition tires, brakes, throttle response, and seating. If you are not well aware of bike maintenance, you can contact to help you with your dirt bike gear and accessories including suggestions on their upkeep. This will ensure you have the best motorbike for your Motocross Adventure. The online motorcycle parts retailer also sells best cruiser gear and accessories for Cruisers.


Training Well and Learning From The Pros

Practice sure will get you going far with Motocross racing but the essence of this practice includes learning from experts at this art. Do not limit your training to a simple dirt bike riding, put in an effort to watch videos of your favorite Motocross Pros and learn how they glide through a corner or land a triple Jump. Try watching snippets of the Pros doing whoops and moving through a holeshot to reach to that winning flagpost. Remember that these riders were once amateurs like yourself and that they’ve attained this pinnacle through practice, learning and watching Pro cruise through the track.

Follow these simple 5 dirt bike riding tips and become the next Motocross Racing expert!

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