How to Save and Make Money Back on Your Car

Posted on 22 August 2017 by Tony Santos

Money is better saved for life’s pleasures. For securing your children’s futures. For enjoying life. The best way to save thousands of pounds, and to even make money back on your car, is being smart about your purchases. Don’t waste your money on a new car that will lose value the second you drive it to your home. The used cars that you can buy at dealerships are certified, inspected, and have low mileage. The only thing different is that their previous owner has already absorbed most of their depreciation value.

Here is how to save, and make money back, on your car:

Buy a Car for the Whole Family

A great choice for your family car is the spacious Ford Kuga. Not only is it the perfect SUV to chauffer your children, but it is also a stylish and practical car for anyone. They are efficient as well, which is another huge money saver.

Compound your entire family’s needs into one car, and you won’t have to worry about how you will be able to afford a second, or where you’ll store it. Choose a car that is spacious, and efficient, and looks great too. You don’t need several cars for your family. You just need the one that suits all your family’s needs, whether you are driving your kids, picking up a large shop from the grocer, or even moving furniture. Having a vehicle that can do everything that you need it to is wonderful and economical.


Carpooling is the Way to Go

Carpooling is great for many reasons. First, it is wonderful to make and grow friendships that you have at work. This can make the commute go by faster and more enjoyable for all parties involved. Carpooling is also a great way to make a little bit of money.

You don’t want to charge your coworkers as if you would if you were a taxi service. This isn’t your livelihood, but all parties involved should consider it fair if they pay for their share of fuel used. This means that, for the same commute, you will only pay a fraction simply by bringing along extra people. The friendships you make in during these carpools are also great for all adults. The people you would carpool not only work with you, but they also live near your area.

In the future, carpooling might also come with tax breaks, so that will be another great way to save your money.

Buying a car does not have the same investment value that buying a house or other investment pieces offer. Cars are functional, they provide a service, and they can give you untold freedoms. Focusing on how you can save money from the start, by buying a used, multi-purpose vehicle, is one way to save. Carpooling and making money back on the fuel you were going to use anyway is a great way to make money back on your purchase and to make friends along the way.


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