Why SUVs are so popular

Posted on 22 May 2017 by Tony Santos

Since the late 1980s, SUVs have once again become widely available. At first, the market for these modern Sports Utility Vehicles was relatively small. It was mainly people who lived in rural communities or those who enjoyed outdoor hobbies that bought these hybrid vehicles. But, over time this has changed. Today, the majority of them are bought by people who have families, and live in towns.

Just how popular are SUVs

Now the chances are when you see a row of cars for sale, nearly 20% of them will be SUVs. They really are that common, and, interestingly this is becoming the case all over the world.

For the first time in decades, the number one non-pickup vehicle in America is expected to be an SUV rather than an American made sedan or compact. Nissan has taken the country by storm, with sales of its Nissan Rogue far outstripping any other non-pick up vehicle in the first quarter of 2017. Add in the fact that they have just released another SUV, the smaller and cheaper Rogue Sport, which is already selling well and it is hard to see any other car manufacturer catching up with them.

It is a pattern that is being repeated in both the Chinese and Indian markets. In both of those countries sales of SUVs have increased at a far faster rate than sales of other types of vehicles have despite the fact these vehicles are relatively expensive in those countries.


So, what is going on? Why are so many people buying them, across the world?

Well, the main reason seems to be space. Aside from a small van, there is nothing else on the market that gives you so much boot and passenger space.

People are getting bigger, so they need a car that can accommodate them. They also carry a lot more gear. With an SUV shopping trips, holidays and hobby days are all far easier to handle than they are if you only own a traditional car, which has limited boot space.

A higher driving position

People also seem to love the fact that you can see so much more of the road when you are driving. They love sitting in what has become known as the ´command´position.

They feel safer

The way they are built also makes them feel safer than a standard car. People report feeling that they are more solid and that they are better protected.

Roads are getting worse

Another reason people give for buying SUVs is the fact that the roads in their area are getting worse. In the UK, and many other countries government cutbacks mean that roads are no longer getting repaired regularly. The net result is more potholes, which means more damage. SUVs cope far better with these road conditions than regular cars can.

Value for money

The fact that the sector is so big means that virtually every car manufacturer makes an SUV. This not only means more choice it also means competition, which leads to lower prices. Simply put people feel that SUVs offer them better value for money than most standard road cars do, and often this is in fact the case.

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