Advantages And Disadvantages Of Roof Rack Carriers

Posted on 06 April 2017 by Tony Santos

Roof racks can be quite useful for so many car owners these days. They are perfect for transferring various bulky items like large containers and extra luggage. You can even opt for these car roof boxes to get more storage space or focus on using the pars to transport specific sports equipment like canoes or bicycles.

Some Interesting Advantages

There are so many advantages that are associated with using roof rack carriers. You will definitely want to take them into account since most car owners actually want to seriously consider investing into such an accessory. For starters, many buy roof rack carriers because they love camping trips. Long distance trips or camping expeditions are not going to be so simple to plan for. Many families would love to be able to carry more than what the trunk of the car offers. This is exactly what the roof racks offer.

Many interesting uses can appear for the roof racks. You basically have one extra storage space that you can use however you want to. Let’s say that you are camping and there is no space available to throw trash. You can easily throw rubbish in the roof top and then transport it to a location where you can actually throw it. The only thing that would need to be done in this case would be to keep the trash in a different bag.

We should also highlight the fact that a roof rack carrier is going to always increase the security you have when you travel. You do not need to leave anything at home. With a good carrier you actually double the transport space you have available for your luggage.

Disadvantages To Know About

One quite easy to notice disadvantage is that there is extra height that you will have to deal with. This means you need to always check clearance as you pass underground car parking and similar locations. You will also want to think about the garage height where the car will be parked. Obviously, the car will also need to deal with extra weight as you will transport more luggage and the roof rack also has its own weight. Remember that all of these things can affect vehicle performance when driving. Wobbling can appear, especially at higher speeds.

You need to worry a little about what will be placed on the rack. It is easy to end up forgetting that you transported something that would be a little dangerous. Also, be particularly careful about when you transport liquids because weight load can be shifted when the vehicle is moving. Liquid weight shifts and the sway created on the car is a huge problem if you do not have experience.


On the whole, for most car owners out there the roof car will be a very good investment. However, this does not mean there are no disadvantages you should think about. It is a really important thing to be aware of the disadvantages that were mentioned above since they can potentially be dangerous. Have patience and always choose a high quality rack if this is what you think you need.

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