How to choose a good torque wrench?

Posted on 17 January 2017 by Tony Santos


As a matter of fact, everyone always aims at doing the best task ever. One that is adorable and significantly impeccable. Well, this does not always happen and for this reason you have to repeat the whole process to correct a small part you did not finalize well. At times, you have to do all the disengagements because the part might be all in the inner parts. All in all, it is a tiresome task that can discourage someone. It might be due to lack of the correct tools or even using the wrong tools for the wrong purposes. It does not matter the knowledge of the car, motor cycle or whatever you are repairing you have but one thing sure is that you must have the tools and not only tools but the right tools. Imagine a situation where you have made the right repair but in the process of joining back the part you happen to tighten a certain part a lot that the whole systems malfunctions or even you loosely tie a nut to an extent that it falls out after a while. This is basically creating another problem by solving the other. The issue of how tight or lose a nut should be does not depend on the knowledge or experience of a person since everyone makes mistakes. A torque wrench is the solution to all these problems. Torque wrench is a tool that is used to measure the appropriate and required torque in a bolt or nut. It is used to set the amount of force that the manufacturer wants. By this one is completely sure of efficiency and high accuracy.

Why it is necessary?

When doing repairs on a car for examples, you definitely have hundreds of nuts to fasten. This means that a lot of time is required to do all this. It also means that there is a lot of energy to be consumed. When one uses a torque wrench, it is guaranteed of efficiency. Doing the fastening requires one to be accurate on the torque as prescribed, a factor that one can practically lack. For this reason, a torque wrench can be used to fasten in an accurate way. One also gets exhausted when then practically does the fastening by their hands since fastening calls for a lot of hand movements, so tiresome. One cannot do a lot of activities if they rely on their own hands. A torque wrench is necessary for the stated reasons, factors that are of necessity. It is also worth noting that torque wrench helps in saving time. It is quick to use it than using to use any other way which saves you the time to do other activities.

How to choose a good torque wrench?

Well, there are many tools which are made for the same tasks and some happen to be made with a different format or design. As a matter of fact, all this tools tend to have differences. Some are quick while others are slow, some longer lasting while others are not and others tend to work out good as others malfunction. For this reason, considering the quality of a tool or any other tool is of importance. One thing for sure that one should consider while choosing best torque wrench is the accuracy. The aim of a manufacturer or mechanic is to accurately measure a torque and fasten accurately. A quality torque should be able to fasten in a n accuracy of 95% meaning that it should at most have an inaccuracy of 5%. Any torque wrench that shows a bigger inaccuracy is not quality.

One should be also consider the size of the square drive that is needed which helps to determine the size and type of the torque wrench. It is also important to consider the maximum torque that a particular torque wrench can measure to ensure that it is suitable for their activities. If a nut requires a lot of fastening, then one should consider a high torque. Other factors to consider are; how heavy the torque wrench is for the ease of the operation, the size of the torque wrench which helps when fastening nuts a little bit far from reach. One should also consider the durability of the torque wrench by following the reviews. It is also worth checking if the torque wrench has a warranty so that if it malfunctions in the activities in the span of the warranty which can be a problem from the manufacturer. Checking the specifications of the torque wrench is important for a quality product which will definitely offer a quality performance.

The best torque wrenches are available all over. Considering on the cost, TEKTON, NEIKO, GEARWRENCH and CRAFTSMAN are suitable. The known quality and durable torque wrench are CDI, NORBAR AND SNAP-ON. These tools are quality, highly reliable and longer lasting and also have a lot of reviews.

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