Lamborghini Racer: The Future of Autonomous Racing

Posted on 19 October 2016 by Tony Santos


If the BMW’s Vision Next 100 futuristic vehicles have already blown you away for the future of smart transportation. Designer Matteo Gentile’s vision of an autonomous Lamborghini racer could be the most beautiful and sexiest concept we’ve seen so far. 

Image Gallery


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Matteo’s background as a designer came from his professional works from automaker likes Bugatti and Seat.

The inspiration came from Roborace autonomous car in future Formula E race and he adopted the current Lambo-ish design into his own take of Lamborghini racer. At the moment, we just need to consume these unofficial design renders for our visual pleasure.

Dear Lambo, hire this fellow Italian and make this racer a reality. Finger-crossed tight.

Image Credit from Matteo’s blog.


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