How to Find the Perfect Second Hand Car for Taxi Drivers

Posted on 16 June 2016 by Tony Santos


Buying a car is always a huge decision. However, it is a much greater decision when it is a taxi driver or firm looking to buy to add to their fleet. For taxi drivers, their vehicle is their livelihood and therefore it is essential that they find the perfect car for their needs. This can make it a difficult decision, but fortunately there are a few great tips for finding a second hand car which will be perfect to use as a taxi.

Customer Experience

When it comes to using a car as a taxi, the size will be the first priority. The taxi will, of course, need to be big enough to fit a few passengers in comfortably and a 5 door is a must. However, it is also important to consider factors such as accessibility and legroom as your passengers will need to feel safe and comfortable if they are to use your business. Not just this, but you must also consider storage space. There is a good chance that you will need to carry prams, shopping and suitcases and therefore a large boot is also a necessity.


Whilst size is extremely important, it is also imperative that you find a second hand car which is fuel efficient. You may be making long trips and you do not want to have to pull over to fill up the tank with passengers in the car. You will therefore want to find a car with high mpg along with low emissions. As you are driving more than a regular motorist, fuel efficiency and low emissions are more important.

Other Factors

These are the key factors which you need to look for when looking for second hand taxis for sale. Other factors could include wheelchair accessibility, dashboard space for your equipment and documents, sliding doors and the ability to put a transparent partition between the front and back.

Finding the Perfect Car

Finding second hand cars that are ideal to use as taxis can be challenging, which is why many firms use the services of taxi sale specialists who can find a range of vehicle types which suit your particular needs. This will help you to find a car which can be used as a taxi and help you to run a successful business.

For taxi drivers, there is nothing more important in the business than the car that they use. It must be spacious, safe and comfortable, but you will also want a fuel efficient car which won’t let you, or your customers, down.

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