197bhp-Ford Fiesta ST200 price starts at £22,745

Posted on 07 June 2016 by Tony Santos

Ford Fiesta ST200

The new Ford Fiesta ST200 pricing details has just been announced and it will cost you £22,745. Notably, the price range may cross both Peugeot 208 GTi 30th Anniversary, and the more powerful Clio RS 220 Trophy on its class. It could be more expensive but you’ll have a 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine gets a boost to a nice round 200PS (or 197bhp) and 214lb-ft of torque. That’s just 6.7s to reach 0-62mph with top speed of 143mph. Not to mention, the additional 14-and-a-bit more horsepower for 20 seconds on overboost, taking 31mph to 82mph for only 5.2s. 

Ford also enhance the ride comport with a rear twist-beam that has 27-percent more roll stiffness, the front anti-roll bar has been thickened up to 21mm, which both aid ‘revised’ dampers for better absorption of impacts and stance dropped by 15mm. Added torque vectoring, a three-stage ESP, the steering’s been sharpened up too, and that all-important ‘on-centre’ feel has been improved.

New alloys and spoilers, bigger brakes, side skirts, new Recaro seats, carbon fibre dash inserts, and a system that pipes in engine noise into the cabin —-what more can you ask for?

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