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Posted on 24 May 2016 by Tony Santos

UK Parking

People who work in large city areas must decide where they will park their cars on a daily basis. This is a big decision because there will be many places for them to choose from. Choosing the wrong place can literally cause you to pay thousands of dollars more each year than you would need to pay at some cheaper parking lots. Therefore, you must take this decision very seriously. It would be wise to set some time aside and use it to research various places to park your car that are in close proximity to where you work. Here are some things to consider to help you go about parking your car in the right place.

1. Choose a parking garage

You should always avoid parking your car in an open parking lot in the middle of a city. Thieves will be able to gain easy access to your car if there is no fence around the parking lot. These lots usually only have one parking attendant to watch the cars. This person is usually too busy collecting money from people leaving the parking lot to pay attention to the other cars. This makes it very easy for criminals to break into your car and drive it out of the lot as if they are the owner. They could also decide to simply open your car and steal anything valuable that you have inside. A parking garage is much more secure.

2. How much do they charge?

The prices that are charged by parking garages can vary quite dramatically. This is why it would be in your best interests to compare the rates of every parking garage that is within walking distance of your office. You must always be sure to pay your UKPC fee on time. Some parking garages will lower their rate if you are willing to enter into a long-term agreement with them. This is something you should think about.

3. What type of security do they have?

Ideally, you want to choose a parking garage that has security guards regularly patrolling every level. This will make thieves think twice before they try to break into your car. You also want your parking garage to have a large amount of security cameras that will act as yet another deterrent for any potential thieves. Speak to the managers of the various parking garages you look at to find out the security measures they have in place.

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