BMW to Launch New Flagship Electric Car in 2021

Posted on 19 May 2016 by Tony Santos

BMW Self Driving Car

A new self-driving car is to be launched by BMW in five years’ time, finally bringing the manufacturer up to speed with the likes of Tesla, Audi and Mercedes who already have a range of electric vehicles on the market.

Although Tesla Motors Inc. cater for the elite market, they plan to enter the mainstream luxury market in the not too distant future, putting pressure on BMW to up its game with its technology.

BMW’s Next Move – ‘The Ultimate Self-Driving Machine’

BMW plan to release the ‘iNext’ in 2021, overtaking the tech-heavy BMW 7 Series as the brand’s flagship motor. BMW AG is keen to move into the plug-in market and compete with autonomous-drive technology pioneered by engineers at Tesla for example.

BMWs rationale is to move forward with e-mobility to create the ‘i Next’ as ‘a highly customized vehicle that’s perfectly tailored to suit the driver’s changing needs.’

The model will sit in the ‘i’ range along with the BMW i8 and the i3. It’ll feature driving modes named ‘Boost’ and ‘Ease’ for active and passive driving, with the addition of impressive ‘Alive Geometry’ safety tech.

What Technology Can We Expect?

Naturally, the new concept will feature extensive digital connectivity as we’ve seen with previous models on the market today – you’ll be able to connect seamlessly to the cloud through the vehicle, as well as get the opportunity to customise to your heart’s content.

The model will feature lightweight intelligent design and an interior the likes of which we will never have seen before. Conceptual imagery released of the concept for the ‘Vision Next 100’ for the model are suitably futuristic, featuring a fold-away steering wheel, merging of seat and door trim.

The wheels are the most glaring design innovation to be seen in the concept work – the wheels are fully integrated into the arches. The doors are butterfly style, opening upwards like a complex piece of origami.

The Future of Motoring?

Could this be what our cars of the future will look like? Not being due for another five years indicates this high level of tech detail and exact design features could be subject to change and further research, but it’s a good a picture as any to determine what the future of the automotive market could look like.

For us mere mortals, we’ll have to wait to get a glimpse of this tech innovation. When it finally hits the market, the price tag looks set to be hefty, so for now we’ll stick to lusting after the BMW 7 series.

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