April Sees Astonishing 9-percent Growth in European Car Sales

Posted on 19 May 2016 by Tony Santos

EU Car Sales

April proved to be a profitable month for the European motoring industry, with car sales rising by an astonishing nine per cent. According to the latest industry data, purchases increased across nearly all major car manufacturers, helping to usher in record sales growth.

With the year ahead already looking promising, we explore what this means for the automobile sector through April and beyond…

Record Sales Increases

Growth figures, however minor, are to be welcomed across any industry, but when they top nine per cent for the month, it’s undoubtedly cause for celebration, and the European car sector has been quick to give itself a pat on the back.

This pride is inarguably deserved, with the increase in sales marking a new record for the region’s motoring industry. With growth demonstrated across the board, a wide number of renowned names have found themselves riding the wave of profit, with Volkswagen amongst their number.

Despite the brand’s recent diesel emissions scandal, enthusiasts have still been keen to get their hands on its designs, signalling a renewal of fortune for the German auto behemoth, which recorded a 5.3 per cent growth.

The Statistics

These figures cover all new passenger car registrations in the European Union and European Free Trade Association, marking burgeoning prosperity across the continent. With a total exceeding 1.3 million vehicles over the course of just one month, they symbolise a growing disposable income and appetite for luxuries across these formerly recession ravaged economies.

According to the Association of European Carmakers (ACEA), who are based in Brussels: “The EU passenger car market posted strong results again, marking the 32nd consecutive month of growth. This is the highest result in volume terms since April 2008, just before the economic crisis hit the automotive industry.”    

Although steadily curving upwards, this annual growth was a long time coming, with six years of slumping sales preceding it. Not until 2014 did the trend reverse, by which point the recession damaged European industry had watched registrations fall to their lowest point in decades.

The Leading Lights

Since this time, demand has steadily increased, thanks to a burgeoning European economy, renewed customer confidence, and increased disposable incomes.

Motoring manufacturers have actively contributed to such a trend, making an concerted effort to offer retail incentives and launch new and exciting products.

Foremost amongst these leading lights have been German car makers, with Daimler and BMW securing growth of 21.6 per cent and 11.7 per cent respectively. Their ever beloved Mercedes and Minis have remained in high demand, and they have endeavoured to constantly build on and refine the brilliance of their offerings.  

With France’s Peugeot and Citroen group, Renault, Volkswagen and more all following in their footsteps, it seems that the future is inarguably bright for the European motoring sector.

This success has trickled down to car dealerships too, who are experiencing record sales of used cars as a result of industry growth.

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