Check Your Tires, Your Life Depends On It

Posted on 13 April 2016 by Tony Santos

The recent death of actor Paul Walker according to an investigation revealed that the Porsche Carrera GT in which he was riding had nine-year-old tires which might have compromised the drivability and handling of the car, according to LATimes. This is perfect example of the danger in buying used tires and as well driving on aging tires.

You can’t just rely on physically looking on the tread depth of the tires, rubber compounds deteriorates with time regardless of the tread condition. An old tire weather it’s used or new poses safety hazard.

How To Determine the Age of a Tire

The number and letters from the sidewall of your tires have their meaning:


You need to checkout the 4-digit DOT number to see the age of the tire, i.e. if you see 1213 that’s manufacture on 12th week of 2013. In safety reports, the tire should be replaced after 6 years. There are several instances, consumers have purchased “new” tires at retail stores only to find out later that they were manufactured years earlier and already over their warranty period.

Replacing your tires could be one of the most expensive part of car maintenance that’s why used tires becomes more attractive for some short-handed owners. It’s buyer-beware situation where sometimes even if you got a year old used tires, poor maintenance can compromise your safety. It’s the car components which have the greatest effect on your car handling and brakes. So if your periodic car maintenance suggested that you need to replace your tires, don’t think twice, spend on it —-your life and family could depend on its road-worthiness.

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