5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a New Car

Posted on 28 January 2016 by Tony Santos


When it comes to purchasing a fresh set of wheels, whether a brand new car or a second-hand vehicle, there are many considerations to think about. Simply setting off to the local car dealership and picking one out is unlikely to result in you finding the perfect vehicle at the first attempt. Instead it is best you spend a bit of time researching to find a car that meets your needs in the following five areas.    

Type of Vehicle

The type of vehicle required will depend on your circumstances. For a professional living and working in the city an executive saloon or hatchback may be most appropriate, whereas those with families will likely be after something a bit larger. 4X4s are a popular choice for anyone living out in the sticks who regularly travel down country roads, while if you’ve got a caravan you’ll need a vehicle with a tow bar.

Running Costs

With the global economic crash people are more and more focused on cutting back on expenses wherever possible. Check the mpg of any cars you’re interested in as well as seeing how much it will cost to insure. In some cases buying a more expensive vehicle can work out cheaper in the long run if it’s more fuel efficient and cheaper to insure.

Energy Efficiency

More and more hybrid and electric vehicles are on the roads than ever before, and if you’re an eco-conscious driver there are plenty of green cars available. Even for those not ready to go fully green, seeking out a car with CO2 emissions below 100g/km means they are exempt from car tax, so it can be worth looking at such options.

Funding Options

Before even looking for a new car you should set a budget and have a good idea of how you will pay for the vehicle. Saving up is a great option but if you’re short on time and money there are other choices. Car leasing ensures you get a good, often brand new vehicle but you never actually own it. Using Everyday Loans for a car loan is another option and you will own the vehicle, as long as all repayments are made.

Vehicle History

When you’ve found a car, if it’s second-hand, then checking its history is a must. This might bring up additional expenses, such as the vehicle being in need of a new timing belt or other repair work in the near future. Consider these points and you should discover a great new car for your needs soon.

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