Travel-Proof your Car with These Quick Tips

Posted on 08 September 2015 by Tony Santos



When the long holidays start a-rollin’, everyone knows what’s next—ROAD TRIP. And what is a better way to do a road trip than in the comforts of your own car. Before packing up for that dream trip, you might want to assess if your car is in tip-top shape to carry you to your destination — take the time to check these things listed below.


It is of the utmost importance that the battery still is running smoothly. An OK battery is still tight and has no signs of corrosion; if your battery is about 4-5 years old, better head down to your local mechanic to have it checked if it’s still good.


Your lights are as close as to your eyes in the night on the road. The safest thing to do is to replace them with new ones to minimize the chance of malfunction; but it doesn’t hurt to have an early diagnosis at the mechanic. Other important lights to consider are turn signal lamps, high mount stop lamps, daytime saving lamps, and fog lamps.


One of the essential fluids in the car—Engine Oil. It must have the right viscosity and volume, especially when taking your car to longer miles. There is a tool to see whether your oil is good for the long run, it is called the “dipstick test”. The oil must reach at least near “full”, and it must have a consistency similar to honey. If your oil doesn’t reach that standard, then better change it while it’s still early.


For that long trip on the road, it is inevitable that the dry air and scorching heat would catch up. You need rehydration—you and your car. Water is necessary when going to long trips; it cools the engine down and prevents overheating. Fill your car up before you go, and stock up extra gallons so wouldn’t be stuck in between the heat and the fry road.


One of the top causes of accidents is brake failure, so make sure yours is in top shape. Have a quick check-up with your mechanic for your brakes. Also, consider the condition of your Drivetrain components and suspension.


Don’t risk an untimely tire blowout in the middle of the road, check for the air pressure of your tires before you go. Consult your tire monitoring system if you have one, when it lights up check your car’s manual for proper ways of adjusting the pressure of your tires.


Your car won’t run on an empty tank, so fuel up before you go. Also, have a stock by liters in case you run into a route with no gas stations, also have a handy list of nearby stations along the way to your journey.

Extra Notes

Now your car’s fit as a whistle, now it’s your turn to be prepared. Have your proper ID and essential documents like OR of the car and your Car Insurance, and a map.

These super handy tips are helpful when doing a road trip and especially handy if you’re a car fleet manager/owner or a trucker. These tips are vital to prepare you and your drivers for a long, winding trip ahead. Also, you can utilise a smarter approach in fleet management by harnessing the benefits of petrol discount card. This will save you money on overall fuel management expenses by providing efficient reporting, product and purchase controls, flexible fees and payment terms.

It pays to be prepared, especially for that glorious road trip.


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