Things to Check When Buying a Used Car

Posted on 18 August 2015 by Tony Santos

Purchasing a used car can be a daunting experience if you know next to nothing about a car in the first place. Rather than being an exciting time it turns into one with dread and confusion.


This infographic has been created to give clear guidance on the things you should check when buying a used car, and has a step by step process for each area. From checking the documents, the way that the car drives and the aesthetics, this infographic can make you feel more knowledgeable when visiting the car dealer.

Of course before you even step on the forecourt there is still research you’ll have to do to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Using comparison sites, check the make and model of the car to see if other dealerships are selling the car at the same price. This way you’ll know if the price you’ve been quoted for the car is truly worth it.

However once you’ve handed over your money there are still other costs to consider so that you’re not left out of pocket once you’ve purchased your car.

Finding out how much the insurance, car tax and services will be for your used car will make you feel more confident that you can afford the day-to-day running of the car without having the dread of any debt or unforeseen issues.

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