Truck Drivers, Mind Your Manners

Posted on 17 March 2015 by Tony Santos


Let’s Start at the Office

Truckers are an important element of the freight industry. They’re the last port of call in the process and before that there were many thousands of support staff who had to do their job in order for truckers to do theirs. From sales staff to mechanics, people assigning trucks and the drivers too, there’s a myriad of jobs to be done for freight processing.

But It’s Personal

Drivers tend to develop reputations. It doesn’t matter how many or few drivers there are at a company, truckers are guaranteed that they are part of tracking statistics. But just as important are individual personalities. After all, people get the final say in whose freight gets distributed to – that is, computers don’t do that. And as we know, people are subjective creatures who handle things from their own points of view; that is when feelings come into consideration.

Drivers Need to Have People Skills

When it comes to driving trucks, how truckers interact with people is crucial. That goes for how truckers treat the dispatcher, the DOT officers, the dock workers and even other drivers out there with them. Don’t forget the logbook auditors, safety directors, mechanics and load planners too. Each of these people gets a say which of the truckers will transport freight and make money or sit at home not earning anything.

Too many drivers out there seriously lack people skills and aren’t really bothered with interactions. Typically, people who drive trucks are incredibly independent, strong willed, and not particularly bothered with what others think of them.

But here’s the thing: truckers need to depend on the office workers to assign good freight, make sure they get all the information they need, and make sure their trucks get repairs when needed. So it doesn’t matter how fantastic a driver you are, the freight won’t magically appear nor will your truck be in good repair without other people.

So get the right people on your side.

Office Workers Vs. Drivers

Most office staff members aren’t like truck drivers at all. In fact, they’re polar opposites. They care what others think of them and they typically stay away from confrontation or offense. So when a trucker is offensive or negative towards an office worker, it can be awful! The office staff will view the truckers as know-it-all loud-mouths.

Of course, that’s probably far from the truth most of the time. Maybe as truckers they prefer to say it like it is and expect the same of others. But speaking their mind doesn’t always get them anywhere when they need to be with others.

Control Your Destiny, Truck Driver!

A big part of a trucker’s future is about getting the right people on his or her side. This is why it’s so important to keep a good attitude and keep treating people with respect and kindness, especially when a trucker is not feeling it or don’t think others deserve it.

When it comes to trucking, sweetness and light can get them really far. If they can get along with pretty much anyone, they’ll go very far in the freight industry. There are plenty of brilliant drivers in the trade that don’t get treated especially well or receive any favours simply because office personnel can’t stand them.

It doesn’t matter how great a driver they seem to be, they have to count on office staff for major support. If they’re not fond of truckers, life is not going to be pleasant. But if they like the truckers, they’re sure to have allies on their side. And they’re going to need them.

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