4 Reasons Traffic May Soon be a Thing of the Past

Posted on 24 February 2015 by Tony Santos


Smart Cars, Smart Monitoring, Smart Cities: 4 Reasons Traffic May Soon be a Thing of the Past.

There is little in our lives that technology has yet to touch. By the time we arrive at work, earlier than we would care to have risen, we have already interacted with numerous devices, programs, and systems. Many of them are completely automated, meaning we do not even know we are having this interaction.

Great examples are your timed coffee maker, the tube, if you ride it, and the smart traffic system if you drive. Never mind the digital key card to get into your office building, your mobile phone and your iPad.

These same technologies are being used to automate our cities, improve traffic, and make our lives much less stressful. Here are four we think are destined to make an impact.

  1. Driverless Cars – No, we are not talking science fiction. In fact driverless cars are a reality. The geniuses over at Google, and a host of other companies in Silicon Valley, are hard at work creating a vehicle that does not require a driver. The most obvious immediate upside is that your group does not need a designated drive to get home from a night at the pub. But this is probably not the most important benefit.

Because these cars are computers themselves, they can interact with the traffic system in the city. This means their abilities to plan a route to avoid traffic and work together to avoid creating jams in the first place make them superior on the basis of their knowledge of current traffic conditions – everywhere in real time. Oh, and one more important detail – they have a better reaction time and are better at driving.

  1. Traffic Monitoring Systems – Even today, before driverless cars are deployed we are turning to traffic monitoring systems to manage the flow of traffic. These systems collect information automatically on traffic systems, issue alerts to drivers about road conditions, and report to traffic control authorities on the status of the road network. CA Traffic is one of the companies leading the charge towards a smarter road system, and therefore a smarter commute to work.

  1. Smart Cities – The very concept of a smart city starts with a smart design. From airports, to roads, to bridges and the tube, everything needs to be designed to work together in a user friendly and integrated fashion. Recently London Mayor Boris Johnson presented an award to a concept for London in the future, the London Underline concept would move pedestrians and cyclists to private underground roads connected to the tube. How’s that for science fiction?

  1. A Revolution in Transit Technology – Modern transit technology is revolutionising the way mass transit and tube systems around the world operate. New driverless technology allows shorter times between trains, reducing congestion and expensive capital investment in the transit system. Continued innovation on this front will make our cities smarter, and our commutes shorter.

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