Tips to get through car accident hassle-free

Posted on 27 January 2015 by Tony Santos

A single lane of traffic drives between two cars involved in an accident on the westbound lanes of Interstate 84 near mile marker 31 on Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008.

It’s bound to happen to you at least once. It’s the ruiner of vacations, workdays, and trips to get milk at the corner store; at some point you probably will be in an accident. It’s important to keep your cool when it happens to you, whether or not you were at fault. The following tips will help you get through the ordeal as smoothly as possible.

First, people used to recommend keeping a disposable camera in the car glove box so that victims could have accurate personal records in the case of litigation or fault. Nowadays, most people will have their mobile on hand. Before you get to photographs, though, it’s critical to ensure that your vehicle and the other person’s vehicle are moved—if possible—to the nearest safe spot. You also should check yourself and your passengers for any obvious injury. Inquire whether the other driver is alright—even if you’re angry and feel the other driver caused the wreck, it’s best to remain calm and civil throughout.

Phone the police. This is another crucial first step for anything worse than a minor accident. The police need to gather information to determine who is at fault. Once the police have been phoned and the cars and people are moved out of hazard’s way, go ahead and take a few photos of the vehicles’ damage, including the other vehicle. This might not matter, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When the police arrive, they’ll want to see drivers’ licenses and insurance cards. Have those out and ready by the time the officers arrive. If there’s any wait, it’s a good time then to phone relatives who need to know your status in a reasonable amount of time. Someone may need to come pick you up if the cars aren’t in safe operating condition. If you’re lucky to have not been the one at fault for the accident, there are great car services like, where courtesy cars are available and billed to the at-fault driver’s insurance. This greatly reduces the instant difficulty in which an accident will throw you, as you can continue your activities once the police have given leave.

Accidents happen, but life must move on. Following the preceding advice is the best way to ensure that an accident doesn’t have to ruin your whole week.

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