What We Can Learn From Marc Marquez

Posted on 02 December 2014 by Tony Santos

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There’s only one thing as exciting as riding a motorbike, and that’s watching motorbike racing. From the Isle of Man TT to the Superbike circuit, there’s no shortage of thrills and spills. For the very pinnacle of motorcycling sport, however, we have to look at MotoGP. The last two years have seen the rise and rise of a special talent, as young Marc Marquez cements his place among the all time great riders after securing his second World Championship. Here’s what we can learn from Marc Marquez, and what to do if he’s inspired the motorcyclist in you.

You’re Never Too Young To Succeed

Motorcycling can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and the more you do it, the better a rider you become. To make it to the very top of professional motorcycling takes skill, dedication, and time. Riders have to learn the circuits, and learn the strengths and weaknesses of their rivals. That’s what people used to think, until Marc Marquez blew it all out of the water. When he moved to the Honda MotoGP team, people knew he would be competitive, but it was expected that he might play second fiddle to team mate Dani Pedrosa for a season or two. Marquez hadn’t read the script, becoming MotoGP world champion in his first season at the age of just 20.

Take Care of Your Bike, And Your Bike Will Take Care of You

Marc Marquez is a brilliant rider, that goes without saying. He has taken riding to a new level, not least with his elbow-down riding style. What also needs to be appreciated, however, is that Marquez is a brilliant technician as well. His feedback has been invaluable to the Honda race engineers, as he tells them how to fine tune his machine to get the best possible performance out of it. He understands the importance of keeping a bike in perfect condition, and that’s something that we can all learn. It’s essential to have your car serviced regularly, and to have it MOT tested in good time. This not only keeps your bike legal, it also means that it will be reliable and achieve optimal performance.

Records Are There To Be Broken

Records can be daunting, especially when we’re young. To add even more pressure, Marquez was racing against Valentino Rossi, considered by many to be the greatest rider of all time. Was Marc overawed? It certainly didn’t look like it. Marquez sees records as a goal, not an unachievable summit. From the very start he’s been a record breaker, when at 15 he became the youngest ever podium finisher in the 125cc class. Since then he’s become the youngest MotoGP champion, the youngest rider to retain the title, the most wins in a season, the most successive MotoGP wins. The list goes on an on. You could add to that, the broadest smile in MotoGP. Marc Marquez obviously loves what he does, and that’s the secret behind his unprecedented success.

How to Follow Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez has always followed his dream, and you can too. If you’ve always wanted to ride a motorbike, there’s never been a better time to learn. From MOTs, tax and motorbike insurance, costs are very competitive, and you can find great learner bikes for the fraction of the cost of a car. Why not get a Honda CBR125 in Marquez colours? You’ll never regret it.

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