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Posted on 31 October 2014 by Tony Santos

Three-time Le Mans winner and Audi‘s test-driver Rinaldo Capello has a “new competitor.” And to find out that it’s a virtual racer in the system of the latest RS7 driverless car concept really surprised him.

Audi just took one-step further on showing off its RS7 driverless car concept on a race track to preview its fast and precision auto-driving system to the world. If you’ve been reading how Google managed to drive thousand of miles on California roads on its driverless car without being involved in any car accidents. Tesla’s latest Model S P85D also features auto-pilot system that uses radar and sonar to intelligently analyze road conditions or traffic situations to drive on its own. These are just few examples that the once futuristic driverless driving are just due for perfection to be an automotive trend.

According to Audi, though the system may have been tested on a much controlled race track, the full capabilities will be tested when it’s out on streets and highways. The automaker’s aim for its driverless car concept is to “change how we think about driving”, for Audi, “driverless system will not get tired, hesitate, or make the same mistakes you and I could make.”

Capello should not be worried on getting replaced by this driverless car concept, as the company do not completely want to replace manual driving, but simply just wanted to give drivers an option to let the car take over.

At DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagon Masters) season finale at Germany’s Hockenheim grand prix track, Audi tested the driverless 560-horsepower RS7 car concept with top speed of 190 miles per hour —-ultimately, the driverless RS7 managed to reach 140 miles per hour. The driverless car concept uses high-end GPS to intelligently apply brakes and make precise decisions on the race track especially on cornering in which it can maximize its time around.

Audi had two driverless car system concepts that are named after Indianapolis 500 racers Bobby Unser and A.J. Foyt, the one named after Bobby did the main trial run but both concepts did their laps with the press people.

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