Using Air Tools for Car Repairs

Posted on 03 September 2014 by Tony Santos


As a car owner, there will always be a situation in your life where you will need to repair your vehicle; be it working on the chassis, repairs to the body, or even shaping and repairing parts both inside and out of the car. However, rather than letting this become a burden and making you begrudge the fixing of your beloved motor, there are ways to make the repair process less stressful for you – using Air Tools.

Whether you’re a professional mechanic, car-enthusiast, or simply wanting to learn, Air Tools are a more reliable and straightforward way of patching up your car. The pneumatic tools are driven by stored compressed air to create an effective, efficient and high powered performance for whatever task it is you have. So what tools would be effective for car repair?

Tools to Use

First and foremost, you will need to source some high quality gear; SGS Engineering provides a wide variety and assortment of Air Tools on their site, carefully organised and easy to find to suit your every restoration need.

You then need to decide which Air Tool is the right tool for the job; here are some suggested uses to point you in the right direction:

–          Repairs to bodywork – Spray Guns are an essential part of the process for erasing unsightly scuffs and scrapes, plus if you’re applying certain paint products you can only do so using one of these tools!

–          Shaping tools – Cuts, Saws and Grinders are excellent for cutting trim pieces to the desired sizes to fit or replace certain panels.

–          Securing – Air Drills and Screwdrivers deliver reliable and controlled performance when affixing or securing replacement parts or sections of your vehicle.

The Benefits

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself ‘why do I need to use Air Tools over electric?’ and wondering ‘what makes them so much better?’

There are many reasons why, but the most significant one is safety.

Air Tools do not pose a risk of electrocution or electrical damage – say when working in damp conditions – they also do not overheat like electric products. Furthermore with their lighter weight, they are much easier and more comfortable to operate, minimising the risk of accidental injury.

You have to remember that using cheap and poor quality electric drills could end up costing you a lot more; not only could you cause even more expensive damage to your car you could end up with a serious injury too. So make the sensible choice for you and your car and invest in Air Tools.

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