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Posted on 03 July 2014 by Tony Santos

It’s a scary thought to be involved in a car accident, it’s a life or death situation —-thanks to the improving development of car safety technology. As automakers computerized cars, more and more vehicles are getting smarter when situated on a road accidents. Cars are now able to protect its occupants through braking ahead when it sense a roadblocks ahead to avoid fatal collision. Check out the full list of car safety technology below.

Here are some of the car safety features and systems that you should check for your next car:

1. Adaptive cruise control

It’s a forward-looking camera-sensor system that works like a radar to monitor your car distance with the lead vehicle. It’ll automatically slows your vehicle to maintain safe following distance without the driver’s intervention and it’ll also automatically speed up when traffic freely flows.

2. Forward collision avoidance system

These car safety system also uses look-ahead sensors to warn driver with visual or auditory cues that he’s driving to near to the one in front.

3. Autonomous braking

This is a system that triggers automatic breaking to avoid collision or lessen the impact, the combination of forward-collision and autonomous breaking system is said to be the most effective.

4. Adaptive headlights

This is car safety features that allows driver to see better as they round a curve, in which according to Highway Loss Data Institute research, property damage liability claims fell by 10-percent with this safety feature.

5. Backup camera/Parking Assist

This feature is now coming into mid-range vehicles which only came from luxury vehicles in early days. The camera system will ensure visibility when backing out in the driveway or parking lot.

6. Emergency response

This car safety feature enables the car to response on accident by itself, like for example “DaimlerChrysler’s Enhanced Accident Response System (EARS) turns on interior lighting, unlocks doors and shuts off fuel when airbags deploy, while Volkswagen’s also switches on the hazards and disconnects the battery terminal from the alternator.”

7. Rollover prevention/mitigation

This car safety system senses potential rollover from a sharp swerve, it will apply brakes and modulate throttle as needed to control the vehicle. This intelligent stability control is currently available, like DaimlerChryster’s Electronic Roll Mitigation, Ford’s Roll Stability Control and GM’s Proactive Roll Avoidance.

8. Tire-pressure monitoring/good tire quality

The sensor system are located in the wheels to alert you if the air pressure is too low by an audible warning, a light on the instrument panel, or both. The combination of good traction tires and these sensors are key elements to keep you safe in the roads. For example, MICHELIN Premier A/S tire uses a revolutionary design with a unique set of features to prolong wet traction even as the tire becomes worn. Check out the video below.

10. Blind-spot detection/side assist/collision warning

This car safety technology is a short-range detection system that will alert you to cars or objects in your blind spot during driving or parking. One of the common application is when you put on your turn signal, if it detects something it’ll alert the driver through visual or auditory warning signals.

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