Keeping Track of a Fleet of Cars

Posted on 09 June 2014 by Tony Santos

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Any car within a given fleet could be anywhere in the world at any given time. This is because two people who rent a car from the same rental company could take the cars that they rent several hundred miles or several thousand miles before bringing it back.

Cars Aren’t Always Brought Back Where They Were Picked Up

A driver who rents a car in Missouri may drop that car off at a location in New York or Florida before flying back home. Most rental car companies allow a driver to drop the car off at any location as a convenience to the driver. This means that a car may not return to its original location for months or years after it was originally rented.

It’s Critical to Keep Track of the Car

With so many cars in circulation, it is important to keep track of them at all times. This is important partially because a company can lose money if it loses track of even one of its cars. It is also important to keep track of every car in the fleet in the event that it gets damaged. Unless there is proof that the driver caused the damage, the rental company may be on the hook to pay for damage done to a vehicle.

A Lot of Information Can be Recorded

Adding a recording device in each car can help a rental car company keep track of how fast a driver is going, where the driver is driving the car and what the road conditions were like prior to an accident if one occurs. This information can be used to prove that a driver was abusing the car or was at fault for an accident that destroyed the car.

Networkfleet vehicle diagnostics experts or specialists from other companies can help a rental car company keep track of all of its vehicles at any given time. This helps that company run its business effectively and efficiently, which allows it to offer great prices and service to its customers.

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