Sponsored Video: The All-New BMW 2 Series Coupe

Posted on 02 May 2014 by Tony Santos


This is not the first time the German automaker BMW managed to have the compact segment a new driving pleasure with a premium sporty coupe with unbeatable dynamics and aesthetics. For almost a decade, the BMW 1 Series has been in the limelight in this category with unrivaled rear-wheel-drive paired with powerful engines from the company’s TwinPower Turbo technology not to mention it’s distinctive elegance and style in its class. Now the automaker is introducing the BMW 2 Series for a new level of compact driving on its two-door trim, fluid body design and extremely powerful engines fitted in a specially configured chassis technology.

According to its press release the all-new BMW 2 Series presents the following features on its class.

  • Unbeatable driving dynamics in the premium compact segment.
  • Emotionally appealing aesthetics in typical BMW Coupe style.
  • Sporting tradition dates back to the BMW 02 range.

You can quickly distinguish the distinctive design of the BMW 2 Series from its predecessor and also its power in terms of performance. It’s now technologically equipped with advance and premium equipments giving a new dimension in driving dynamics, aesthetic and premium presence in the compact segment. Notably, BMW is hyping the 2 series coupe as one of the car for over 45 years with supremely sporting driving experience ever.

Talking about driving experience, they’re searching for the ‘ultimate driver’. Over 7,000 people applied, with just 40 making the final cut to battle it out for the chance to become BMW’s Ultimate Driver.

The prize at stake? The opportunity to drive every BMW launched in 2014. It’s time to reveal the winner. Watch the film to find out who took the title.

Check out the full details of the all-new BMW 2 Series here.

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