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Posted on 16 April 2014 by Tony Santos

Truck Transmission

The Importance of Truck Transmissions

Having a truck is all about taking cargo from one destination to the other and covering long distances easily by the heavy-duty truck.  However, your truck cannot simply move further if its transmission is out of order. Since a truck transmission enables gears to shift, its inaccuracy can cause a lot of problems. For instance, you cannot move your truck forward or move it to reverse it if truck transmission is not there.

You will find various kinds of transmissions. However, each truck transmission is developed in accordance with the kind of truck, i.e. some are made for small trucks while others are made for heavy-duty trucks.

Types of Truck Transmissions


Manual Transmission

When it comes to using a manual transmission, the truck driver has to operate it manually. The truck consists of a clutch pedal. It is located near the brake pedal. Along with that, the truck also consists of a shifter. This truck part is located on the truck’s floor. When the driver shifts it, he has to press the clutch along with shifting the gear simultaneously.

Automatic Transmission

An automatic truck transmission does not consist of any clutch. Instead, it simply has gas pedals and the brake. Besides the second and third gear, automatic transmissions have gears such as, drive, park, and reverse. The main difference between automatic transmission and manual transmission is that a mechanism is used to operate the shifter and the clutch automatically in the automatic transmission.

Some Considerations While Purchasing Trucks or Truck Transmissions

When it comes to choosing truck transmissions, you have a lot of options. For example, you can even choose to replace your truck transmission. This depends on the purpose of your truck. If you have purchased a truck for hauling and want your truck to function better in low gear, then you can replace its transmission with the one that is specifically made to haul heavy loads.

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