The Koenigsegg Agera One:1 – World’s first Megacar

Posted on 04 March 2014 by Tony Santos

Koenigsegg Agera One:1

Koenigsegg might be the brand that you’d not heard in everyday, but when you do, it’ll be for sure about great super car. And at Geneva Motor Show, the automaker has just outed the world’s first ‘megacar’, the Agera One:1.

The Koenigsegg Agera One:1 based from its name, One:1 is the first car to sports 1:1 power to weight ratio —-and that’s unbelievable! That’s why they are calling it a ‘megacar’ which is simply to elaborate ‘supercar’ at 1400HP = 1400kg.

So what it takes to have the 1:1 power to weight ratio? According to Koenigseggs’ team, the Agera One:1 is capable of hitting simulated top speed of 440 km/h which is more than 273mph.

You can check out the full list of its features below and let us know what you feel about the Agera One:1.

· Worlds first 1:1 (One:1) power to curb weight ratio homologated production car (kg/hp)
· World’s first Megacar – 1 Megawatt of power homologated production car
· 2 G cornering capability on road legal production cup tires
· 610 kg down force at 260 km/h (160 mph) utilizing advanced active under and over body aerodynamics
· Chassis with active ride height and shock absorbing including variable stiffness spring ratios
· Fully active aero with independent left and right front flaps under front splitter and hydraulically actuated top mounted dual plane rear wing
· 3G and GPS controlled Predictive Active Chassis and Aero Track Mode
· 20% lighter carbon chassis and body due to implementation of M46J & M55J high modulus fibers
· 3D-VGT – Koenigsegg patented 3D printed variable turbo housing – gives improved response and bottom end torque
· 3G connection for telemetry, performance, lap times and software upgrades, including owners iPhone app
· New Koenigsegg developed Carbon fiber ventilated memory foam racing seats
· 3D printed titanium exhaust end piece saves 400 grams compared to Aluminium counterpart
· Active noise canceling seat option
· Top Speed – has not been a priority, as the One:1 is a track focused car – however, the One:1 is anticipated to be, the world’s fastest homologated production car, with a simulated top speed of > 440 km/h, due to high power and high rpm capability in combination with strong tires and active aero
· Many more exiting and new features will be present at the show
· Program fully pre-sold prior to introduction
· Welcome to stand 1259 in hall 1 to join our 20 Years Celebration with the introduction of the One:1!

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