Audi dethrone BMW in 2014 Global Luxury Car Sales

Posted on 13 March 2014 by Tony Santos

Audi RS7

It seems a great start for Audi as it delivers more luxury cars than BMW in the first two months of 2014. This basically means that Audi dethrone BMW as the world’s best-selling luxury vehicles for this period. Audi sold 242,400 vehicles and that is notably 383 units more than the BMW from the end February —-apparently, at same period last year BMW is ahead by 429 units. That’s an almost double digit increase on Audi’s sales with 9.3 percent compared to BMW’s 8.9 percent year to year.

Thanks to Audi’s A3 compact sedan and Q7 SUV which considerably boosted the automaker’s sales number by February registering impressive 43 percent and 32 percent deliveries, respectively. The company had been investing heavily to become on top of the luxury car sales in which they plan to throw €22 billion ($30.4 billion) in the next five years. And they’re really aggressive with 17 new/facelift models launches this year.

However, that attempt will not be a walk in the park with BMW hoping to catch up and retain the title at the end of the year. The company had just outed their new models with the 2-Series Active Tourer and 4-Series Gran Coupe.

 BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz are the world’s top luxury car manufacturers which seemed committed to take on each other for the luxury car segment. We can expect tight competition ahead, with both Audi and Mercedes vowed to surpass BMW by 2020.

Sources: Audi, BMW via Bloomberg

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