Cars to deliver your new-year resolutions

Posted on 27 February 2014 by Tony Santos


Desperate to save money in 2014? Want to cut the hassle of getting about? Love to win more admiring looks? Whatever your new-year goals, small cars and hatchbacks can help you reach them.

Buy for less

Cheaper to build, and with less powerful engines, new small cars usually have lower purchase prices. Especially in town, where you’re often in slow traffic or commuting solo, why would you need all that extra acceleration and passenger space anyway? So choose a more compact machine and bank the difference. Or, for the price of a larger model with just basic trim, get a deluxe small car packed with features you’ll use every day.

Shrink your running costs

Almost whatever vehicle you buy, its running costs will overtake the purchase price. But smaller cars are lighter, so burn less petrol or diesel; on a single gallon, those with the special ‘eco’ designation can take you up to 67 miles in town, 85 miles out of town, or even further. A dinkier set of wheels is also likely to mean cheaper servicing, insurance and repairs.

Fit in everywhere

Plus a small car saves you time and hassle. The more mini its footprint, the easier you can weave in and out of traffic and park in tight spaces – ideal on crowded streets. And if you’ve forgotten something or pass someone you like, a tighter turning circle makes it easy to double back.

Maximise your return

Hatchbacks come in various sizes, but can deliver great savings too. For one, their distinctive wedge shape is more aerodynamic and fuel efficient than a standard saloon’s. Plus being so popular, they outscore most other styles when it comes to resale values. After three years, you can sell selected hatchbacks on for 72% or more of the price you paid from new.

Carry everything easier

Perhaps the biggest benefit of owning a hatchback is the volume and variety of cargo it’ll carry. For example, some 5-seater models boast more than 400 litres of boot space – enough for bags and bags of shopping, and all the other bits and pieces your family wants moving. Plus you can fold flat the rear seats, potentially doubling the load space, and enabling you to transport bulkier single items like furniture or bicycles.

Get noticed in 2014

Finally, some of the best hatchbacks are super stylish. Many saloons look alike, with their standard bonnet, cabin and boot – or ‘3 box’ – configuration. And your average, blocky station wagon has about as much cool as a delivery van. But with their shorter rear ends, hatchbacks project the kind of sporty charisma that always gets heads turning.

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