On Turning Your Car Into A Gaming Powerhouse

Posted on 20 January 2014 by Tony Santos

Car Gaming Console

From the very first models, down to the latest ones available today, cars have always been subjected to an almost infinite number of customizations and enhancements, all geared towards further cementing its position as one of man’s greatest creations.

Car enthusiasts from all over the world have poured countless hours of their own time and substantial sums of their own money tinkering with cars, in the process crafting numerous unique and downright crazy iterations of their beloved vehicles.

Swarovksi cyrstal-encrusted car? Pick-up truck with a bath tub? Car with a plant up front? A real-life batmobile? There are literally hundreds of crazy customized vehicles out there, all vying for your head-turning attention on the streets.

Personally, however, I find those customizations a bit too flashy for me, as I prefer mods that are sleek, sexy, not too loud, but packs one hell of a wallop. That’s why when I stumbled upon an article in Instructables.com written by user rochassassin on how to put a game console inside a car, it got my attention really good. I mean, who in the right mind would not think that that is cool, eh? And today, with the console setup, you can easily hook up mobile devices, streaming from one device to another for a multiplayer setup. This flexibility may even be more fun if with a mobile hotspot where you can easily play with other players online, click for the full article.

The guide put up by rochassassin on the said site was rather detailed, having close to 16 steps. Here we summarize, as basically there are just a handful of major steps to accomplish this feat of engineering. We estimate the total hours needed for this type of project to be around 8-20 hours, depending on your knowledge of your car’s wiring and interiors as well as how easy it is for you to source the needed components.

Create the TV mount

A metal bar 7 inches longer from the outside of each backseat car handle would be more than sufficient for this. Flatten the bar ends. A sledge hammer, or any other form of hammer, is recommended for this purposes. Make sure you flatten uniformly in preparation of bending the bar. This step will make sure that your TV mount will be secured in place, as the bar will be “hooking” to the backseat car handle for support.

Screw the TV on the mount

OK, creating the actual support for the TV, it’s time to create something to screw it on. For this purpose, rochassassin recommends using an old wheelchair square tube, due to its strength and lightness. It is just then a matter of measuring, aligning and drilling holes as per your TV’s specifications.


To properly provide juice to your gaming setup, a power inverter is a requirement. Add up the wattage ratings of the equipments you’ll be using and get an inverter that has a capacity higher than the result to avoid any electrical accidents. Remember to use the proper wire gauge for this purposes, as the ones used for cigarette lighter accessories just won’t work due to high power requirements of both your console and TV.

Hook everything up

After all these three (seemingly) easy steps, all you would just have to do is hook everything up and test the setup. Putting some rubber paddings and extra reinforcements might be helpful in securing the mounted TV. For your console, keep in mind that some are not built for shaky, on-the-go environments so you might want to check its performance when you’re travelling. Also do remember to use headphones while gaming or watching movies to avoid distracting the driver or the other passengers. As a last note, do keep in mind the safety regulations of the places you intend to use your setup as some states/countries might have their own guidelines about such configuration.

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