Toyota kept its crown as the world’s biggest automaker

Posted on 29 January 2014 by Tony Santos


When Toyota almost hit 10 million vehicles in a single year milestone you’d say, that no doubt the company is still the world’s biggest automaker –keeping the crown away from VW and GM for 2013.

The Japanese giant expects to surpass and hit the 10 million milestone with expected 10.32 million this year and that’s just 4-percent growth from the 9.98 million vehicles last year. Then now you realized that it’s just few units from hitting 10M mark for the calendar days of 2013. GM and VW registers 9.71M and rounded 9.7M, respectively for same period. Coming at second place, GM narrowed the gap, to 266,000 units, thanks to 7 percent sales increases in Asia and North America.

These numbers are quick come back from the disaster caused by the Tsunami in 2011, in which GM took over but Toyota reclaimed its crown back in 2012 with sales of 9.75 million, beating GM’s global sales by 451,000 units. Toyota dethroned GM back in 2008 ending the 80-year reign of GM as the world’s biggest automaker.

Overall sales record shows that GM significantly rose 4 percent, while Toyota’s advanced just 2 percent in 2013. So expect a close fight from these carmakers as we cruise 2014.

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