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Posted on 09 January 2014 by Tony Santos

The all-new Peugeot 308 is aimed to take the company back to the top of 5-door compact hatchback range. The new 308 is bigger and more efficient from its predecessor, and sports a grander streamline body with sleek, stylish interior.

 The old Peugeot 308 models seemed to disappoint when faired from its top rivals in the hatchback class like Volkswagen’s Golf, however, Peugeot aims to bounce back with a much interesting package, with its latest 308.

One of the major improvements for the 308 is its significant weight reduction and fluid aerodynamics, thanks to its special lightweight chassis that saves up to 140kg compared from its previous version which equates to further boosts in efficiency.

Peugeot 308 will feature a 1.6-litre e-HDI model, that can hit 100g/km of CO2, meaning it’s exempt from road tax and watch out for the upcoming BlueHDi which claims even better economy figures, returning a claimed 91mpg.

The 5-door hatchback also features a high-tech and stylish interior. The dashboard layout sports a hexagonal theme which mainly touchscreen ditching most of buttons. However, you need to master the menus for you to conveniently utilize all embedded feature under its somehow complicated interface.

Though there might be a limitation on the headroom it equates to lofty 435-liter boot capacity not to mention the 35-liters in two under-floor storage bins. Considerably, that’s 90-liters more than the Golf.

Prices for the new Peugeot 308 have not been revealed yet, but we expect them to be competitively priced against its main rivals, the VW Golf and Ford Focus but pricier from its Korean compact cars competition.

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