Most neglected facets of car maintenance

Posted on 24 December 2013 by Tony Santos

Car Maintenance

Most car owners are aware of the importance of routine oil changes. However, there are other aspects of car maintenance that are just as critical. Failing to perform all of the necessary maintenance could lead to some unexpected troubles in the long run. Here are a few of the most neglected facets of car maintenance.

Wheel alignment

An odd tread pattern on the tires or a vehicle that veers to one side of the road could be a result of misaligned wheels. Having the wheels aligned is important because it maintains both the safety and performance of the vehicle. The fuel economy will also gradually begin to plummet.

Transmission filter

Although the transmission filter does not need to be changed as often as the oil filter, it still needs to be replaced at a specific mileage interval. As time goes on, the filter begins to get filled to its capacity with contaminants. In order to protect the internal components of the transmission, the filter must be changed.

Battery replacement

Far too many car owners wait until the battery finally dies to replace it. Each battery is stamped with an expiration date. After the date passes, the battery should be replaced with a fresh one.

Spark plugs

Not only will a worn set of spark plugs cause the vehicle to run poorly, but they will eventually trigger the check engine light. If the car has an illuminated CEL, it will not pass a pittsburgh state inspection.

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