Best of British: the Van

Posted on 25 November 2013 by Tony Santos

Vauxhall Vivaro

When people talk about the best of British, they talk about Nelson’s column, the Lake District, the World Cup in ’66, Dunkirk and El Alamein. They talk about the industrial revolution, the white cliffs of Dover, Monty Python and Michael Caine – The big things.

But it’s the little things that make you feel proud as well, the things that would go unnoticed by tourist or travelwriters but which to you feel intensely British: The sizzling of the egg in the pan whilst you read the sports pages down the local café on a Sunday morning. The way that the topic of conversation will either start or end with the weather. The string of expletives that usually follow the words ‘England football team’. The way we all get so excited by the mere mention of a hot beverage.

The humble van is in the latter category. All over the country, weekday mornings see thousands of people clambering into their trusty van, switching on the radio, turning the heating on and setting off for the day’s work.

Whether you are a florist, a plumber, a removals specialist, a gardener, a caterer or an electrician, your van is absolutely vital to your job and the way you work. Without it, you’d be lost. Quite simply, economies aren’t entirely made up of the big companies: they’re made up of the little independent businesses, almost all of whom are reliant on the use of a van. The van forms the backbone of the British economy, and for that, it can definitely be called the best of British.

Because your van is so important to your business, it must be insured. You don’t want to be left high and dry if you are without it for any length of time.

With Axa van insurance, you can take steps to make sure that your van is covered every which way, meaning that your business won’t have to suddenly stop in its tracks if your van is in need of maintenance or repair work.

The policy gives you repairs with a lifetime guarantee (or as long as you own the van), including 24 hour repairs for windscreen and windows and a guaranteed courtesy van or new van replacement (if your van has been written off completely within six months of purchase).

Cover for stolen contents like sat nav systems, hands free kits and music players and wrong fuel cover are also part of the plan.

Don’t risk it. Get your van insured and keep Britain’s economy moving.

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